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Thread: Anyone with a disability?

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    Default Anyone with a disability?

    I'm curious if there is anyone with a disability. I have Autism, ADHD, Severe anxiety and a learning disability... let's just say a number of things. >_< But anyway, I love meaning others who have a disability. It makes me feel more at ease knowing that I am not alone.

    So, anyone with a disability?

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    I have ADHD but for me I wouldn't call it much of a disability for me. It doesn't affect me that much at all.

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    Yeah, same here... it does bother me when it comes to staying focused but not as bad as the autism does when it comes to other things.

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    Yes I have one. I have several of them. I don't know if anxiety counts as one but I know it's a mental health problem and that causes impairments and it doesn't make me deal with stress well.

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    I already responed to one of your posts but I guess I could elaborate here. I have been diagnosed with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) as well as a few comorbid disorders (severe dyslexia, ADD, and a TON of sleep disorders). Dyslexia sucks because it makes writing much harder which hinders yet another form of comunication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Yes I have one. I have several of them. I don't know if anxiety counts as one but I know it's a mental health problem and that causes impairments and it doesn't make me deal with stress well.
    I think it does... since it depends on how bad anxiety affects you. My anxiety is more triggered by autistic tendencies and such. It's a real challenge because everything around me can make me panic, make it harder to adjust to new environments and all sorts of things. It's hindered my ability to hold down a job or go to college to since I have a lot of emotional problems and such.

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    i have a minor dyslexia in dutch.... and a huge concentration problem, which affects my hearing too(i know it sounds wierd).
    when i'm in a conversation, like on a party or something, and there is a lot of background noise, i cant understand ANYTHING what he or she is says...
    that is annoying!

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    I'm vision impaired & have been since birth, I lost all sight in my left eye including light perception, my right eye I've so far lost peripheral vision and my last cataract surgery left me unable to read anything with out the assistance of magnifiers & magnification software for the computer. This pretty much lead to my anxiety which isn't severe but has increased quiet a bit over the past couple of years. And I also believe I have mild OCD or it could be i'm just a neat freak who has to follow the same routines or I get cranky!!

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    I have a few, though I'd rather not say what they are.

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    My brother is actually disabled, and I know two others right here on ADISC that are physically disabled as well. I'm not going to say too much about them, since it's really their choice of what to say, how to say it, and if they want to say it to begin with but what I can say is I have ADHD, a mood disorder, and aspergers, if any of those count as a "disability" in your book.

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