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    I've been going through a lot of personal stress wanting to tell someone for quite a few good reasons. I still will be telling my parents and I can't be sure on how they will react, but I just know that I need to, I know that there are a lot of you out there who are against that idea, but I'll just keep it short and say it is necessary for me and i'm independent enough for possible repercussions.
    Anyway, I was thinking maybe a really good friend of mine would be understanding, we have been through a lot together, and he is going into psychology, so i figured that he would be understanding at least (so happens that in his second year they have actually briefly mentioned Infantilism in his classes). Anyhow, we were having a talk on the phone like we do every once in a while, and were talking about some struggles that we have both worked on in the past, and I got the chance to say that there were some things that I was still dealing with that were rather unique. Finally I worked my way from saying that it wasn't really inherently wrong, it was just something weird. A little bit after he had said that i could tell him if i felt like it, and feeling like he would be fairly understanding, i sent him a link through email to the "what is true infantilism page" after he read a little into it he started to say "ok, well i've actually heard of this a little before."
    I talked with him about it and told him the struggles that it had been going through binges and purges, and how that i've been able to find safety in a middle ground, he was extremely understanding and pretty supportive. Even pointed out that he has more stuffed animals than I do, and that onsie's are really nice (but he doesn't like the footed ones), and that drinking from a baby bottle is actually kind of nice. I feel so relieved to have told somebody outside of another Ab/dl, and feel like he doesn't look differently at me in any way.

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    Tyger thats actually a pretty good outcome (and it seems like he shares some AB/TBish tendencies as well, perhaps you can connect over that?). As for your parents, have you considered WHY you feel you need to tell them? Your profile says you're 22, and it seems to me like most parents would say, "you're an adult now, why wait so long to bring this to us?".

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    Because I am back in the house with them, and for one thing, i hate to lie, and I have to lie whenever I want to hang out with my Ab/Dl friend that lives in town here, because any story that i might be able to make up about how i met him wouldn't make much of a good cover. Another reason is because they are parents with curiosity, and I don't want them to be assuming that curious actions of mine mean something that they don't, for instance if i need to change my diaper in the middle of the day, i'd like to be able too without having to worry about making a cover story for why i can't let my parents in my room if they knock on the door (in essence, I'm tired of hiding, not that I'm going to walk around the house in a diaper, but i'm tired of being on edge). The biggest factor that goes along with that is that being on edge about this whole thing and hiding it while i'm back in my parents house, has gotten me feeling the binges and purges coming back, and i'm ready to avoid those like the plague.
    Also I feel like it would help them to understand me a little better, maybe they will for once know why so many times in my life when i had nothing to say, was because my mind was drifting off into the world of the padded. Also maybe they would understand the tight spot that I am in when it comes to dating and marrying, for them to be a little more sympathetic to the struggle it poses would be helpful.
    Part of it too is a little vain, even though i know that my parents will always love me, it would be nice to be reassured that their compliments still can be said even though i'm an Ab/Dl.
    Other than that, it would be handy to be able to ship stuff online to my house without worrying.

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    The other thing too, is that for me, it isn't entirely a fettish, (it is a fetish for me, but it didn't start that way, and remains to be kept pretty calm) if it was entirely a fetish then yes, it would be really awkward to tell my parents what sexually arouses me. However to tell them something that is personally symbolic, relaxing, and a part of my personality, is a whole nother thing.

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