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    Default intro and question :)

    Hey my name is austin im an 18 yo diaper lover and i love photography and i also have a question. What is the diaper that has a waistband and the diaper is connected to the waistband at the back and it goes between your legs to the front to attach in front of the pelvis. Ive seen it in pictures and was just wondeeing if you answer thanks for helping

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    Welcome to Adisc.
    I think you are talking about the Tena flex diapers.
    They are pretty nice but are not the most absorbent kind.
    I trust you will enjoy the community, we are a bunch of kind/supportive people on here.

    Regards Lucky.

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    Hi Austin

    Welcome to ADISC! We have a awesome group of people here from all over the world!

    just curious, what do you like best about ADISC so far?


    - Will

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