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Thread: 1990 Premie Pampers.

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    Cool 1990 Premie Pampers.

    I was in Lawtons today, looking around when I stumbled upon a crate of diapers marked for clearance!

    Now, I only had 20 dollars to my name at the time but I thought that it was really a steal at 5 dollars a bag!

    So while looking through what was there I stumbled upon a package of premie diapers from 1990 (I didn't notice the date until I got home.) They're so soft and clean feeling; they're not scented but wow they're really nice. (They fit my teddies and the shape would make it an amazing stuffer.)

    I got 22 of them for 5 dollars, as well as a Pack of Huggies Pull-up's from 2002 (7 dollars) , and some changing pads for 2 dollars.

    A steal, no?

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    Sounds like a steal of a deal to me.

    Since Sobeys bought out Lawtons I find they have much better 'deals' than some of the other pharmacies...AND...they tend to do the 'mark down' bin thing more, too. That said, I don't think you could have got that pack of preemie diapers for $5 even in 1990!!

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