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    I'm considering getting a better mouse, mainly for the purpose of gaming. Currently, I'm using this cheap-ish mouse, the Logitech M305 . I've found it much nicer than cheap mice for ten euro or so, but I have noticed a few cases where it is less responsive than I'd like and it only has three buttons. Plus I'm on my third one as the scroll wheel eventually breaks on it from the left/right scrolling. I'll probably keep the M305 for non gaming use, as its small size and wireless means it's quite handy for bringing around.

    My maximum price range is around €50. Logitech's two mice in that price range seem to the Logitech MX518 and G500. Of these two, the g500 seems more appealing as it has more buttons (10 to 8) and the photo of the MX518 makes it look like it has a weird bumpy texture, which would probably drive me insane.

    One worry for me with both these mice is that the left and right mouse buttons aren't as well defined in the mouse as they are on mice I'm used to using. On other similar mice (some cheap one I got with my last desktop, the Mac mouse), this has annoyed me, though I'm not sure if that's a failure of that design, or just a failure of cheap mice with that design.

    Razer also has the DeathAdder mouse in the upper part of my price range, but it appears to have less features and buttons than the cheaper Logitech mouse, so I'm unlikely to go for it.

    However, I've never actually used any of these mice. My experience with gaming mice is mostly confined to my friend's Razer Naga, which was pretty nice to use, but is out of my price range. So I'm asking here for opinions of those who have. Which ones have you used, and why did you like them or not like them? Does the difference in DPI between the Logitech and Razer mice make much difference? Are there any other brands I've overlooked?
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    I have a Razer DeathAdder mouse but I would be inclined to go for the Logitech G500. I have used one and the weights and really cool and the tracking is quite good; not as good as the Razer but up there.

    However the G500 is definitely smaller than the DeathAdder so that is something to keep in mind. If you look on eBay you can find great deals if you are willing to be patient. For example, I bought my Razer (wired) DeathAdder for 50$ CAD from the NCIX outlet eBay store.

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    Isn't Razer more expensive than it's worth, though? I have a simple HP wired mouse and it works just fine. However, I'd like something a bit more up to date.

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    I have never used the g500, I just bought the g700 and I do love it. The MX518 does not have a weird texture. I was afraid when I bought my 518 many years ago. But it is just a design on the mouse that makes it look that way. It is a smooth non-dimpled plastic like most mice.

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    i'v used a Cyborg R.A.T. 5 at a friend once, pretty nice and good to use, they got a nice Crysis style to them.....i'v got no idea about the specs but they seem good...hehe... i only use a simple dell mouse myself!

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    The RAT 5 has 4000's adjustable dpi also!

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    I use the razer naga and i dont think i'd use another mouse. The 12 button keypad on the side of it is awesome.

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    I would of grab a Razer naga. But they dont have a wireless verson. So I use the Logitech G700. It can be eather Wireless or Wired. It great on frist person shooter.

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    I got a CoolerMaster Sentinel (goes up to 5600 DPI) and it's stood up to a lot of abuse. however the mesh on the top, it's black paint has rubbed off and easily collects dirt from your hand. But it has two side buttons, the 3 normal buttons/wheel and then 3 buttons to change DPI on the fly. It has has bulit in memory to remember 5 DPI settings for 5 "users".

    The built in LCD is nice to, it displays the DPI info. Also it has Oco colors and can be set up to glow, change colors when you click anything, etc. But who looks at their mouse when gaming?

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    I actually used the MX518 in the past, and it really is a robust mouse. I have done stuff near to this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    with it, and somehow, I still am able to use it...

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    I had an Mx518 for ages, then got the DeathAdder. Both mice are great and I dont even use the thumb buttons anyway. There are plenty of keys on the keyboard

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