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Thread: looking for something more colorful and toddler-ish

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    Default looking for something more colorful and toddler-ish

    So ive been wearing goodnights for a while now and i like them, but i think i would prefer something with more color and designs!

    does anyone have ideas on either pullups or diaper brands that could possibly give me a cuter and more toddler-like design? (more color n' such)

    im pretty thin, XL goodnights fit, and so do pampers size 7, so anything larger or equal to around the size 7 would be perfect!

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    I myself am a fan of the ABU Cushies or Super Dry Kids. They are pretty much a white plastic backed diaper with designs on the front bears, shapes, planes things of that nature. But those are the only ones i've found really baby'ish but that being said i'm also no where your size and finding diapers of that nature are harder for me. But they might be worth checking out

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    i dont know about looking to try and find something thats got pretty colors all over it! haha i love the colors! but if there really isnt to much like that out there for my size then i might go with your idea LittleRobKY, thx for those suggestions though!

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    Have you tried any of the toddler pull-up brands? Chances are if you fit into pampers size may have a shot with them!

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    I haven't tried this, but I don't see why it wouldn't plain ordinary white (or un-printed if you happen to be in Europe where they have diapers in every colour of the rainbow) diapers. Go to the dollar store and buy a set of rubber stamps (I was in the Dollarama today and saw stamp sets with flowers & butterflies, and other sets with trucks & diggers, and sports type sets, too. You will also need an ink-pad (they come in a variety of colours). Take the diapers out of the packaging and lay them out...stamp your designs all over them, and 'let dry' (especially if you've got plastic-backed diapers). then just put them back in the package and use them as normal.

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    Hmm ThatOneGuy95 that could be a just afraid of wasting money on them if they dont end up fitting haha

    and ayanna that might be a solution but its to much effort for this point. perhaps later if i cant find what im looking for though.

    Thx for all the advise everyone! if you think of any other solutions plz let me know!

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