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    I'm not 100% IC but have OB really bad. But i figured that i could get a better awnser here than the other forms.

    What's the best set-up for jogging/running? Cloth chafes to hell and its not like i can stop every 2 minutes to go find a bathroom even though you have leakage as you run.

    Please, Post what has worked for you. If not some tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I'm not a runner, but I wear a regular, tape-on, plastic covered disposable diaper at the gym. On other forums, I've read that some men think a pull-up style diaper is OK for running. Others say that they just wear dark coloured running shorts and wet them. Some say that people can't tell the difference between wetness from urine and sweat when it comes to running apparel.

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    I am not a runner but have done many 5k walks while others I am with do the run, lol. I personally just wear my Abena XPlus M4. There are times that I will use diaper rash cream down there with a little extra around the leg gathers.

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    Any chance for a rash between the legs with one of those? I myself am i long distance runner

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    there is always a chance for rash but I use WalMart brand of diaper rash cream. The one that has 40% zinc. My wife and other runners use diaper rash cream too. I know some guys that use it down there even thought they don't wear diapers, and some even have used it on their nipples to help keep them from getting real sensitive. You can find some of these tips in the runners magazines too.

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    at the moment, on walks of up to 7 miles, i'll wear a Siempre (akin to the european skimpy Attends 8 or 9) with emulsifying ointment to avoid chafing. the Siempre is one of the dispies that can stand up to hard activity and ointments, plus the thinness of the diaper and it's lack of swellability keeps it as comfy as can be.

    with regard to the running advice given above, the old army trick is to use vaseline on any parts that rub. it's a bugger to wash off, though.

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    Well thats another part of my problem is that my legs rub and i get a horrible rash but i dont want it to combine with diaper rash *shivers* thanks for ur suggestion on vasaline. It works!!

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    Drynites / Goodnites just do perfectly the job when running. I guess that even for someone being totally incontinent, they are perfect as you generally don't run 8 hours I a row!

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