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    Let's say that you have just won a lifetime supply of diapers. Which ones would you choose? It could only be one brand/ style. I choose any cushies. How about the rest of you?

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    if I could choose between all of the different absorbency levels i would go with the abena M 1-4 and larger sizes if i needed them. if I couldn't have the different absorbency levels probably an abena 3 or 4 plastic backed tape on style. yes they are not the cutest design but they work for me and I have yet to really try any of the ab/dl specific ones yet.

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    As woofcub, I'm also won for the Abena products. Haven't tried M1 and M3 yet but M2 and M4 are certainly to my liking. Ofcourse plastic backed.

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    I would have to go with Bambino Bellisimos. I don't really like having babyish print on my diapers, but it's worth it when the diaper is so soft, thick, and absorbent.

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    Bambino teddy's I guess. Going with Abena is just to thick, bambino's are more slim and preform just as well if not better.

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    Attends waistband with the 3 tape's, they are pure white no print on them at all and they are or have a soft crinkly plastic on the outside like diaper's should have.

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    id choose abena X-Plus, dry24/7s, bambinos or Cuddlz, neither i have tried but my friends use them and apparently they are the best of the best. i wouldnt choose a specific one id just go for those at random lol.

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    Not fair restricting the choices only to disposables! Plastic pants are my thing first and foremost. In your alternative and imperfect universe a plastic-backed Abena M3 would be grudgingly accepted... to fill my storage in my survival hatch with the zombies outside...

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    It'd have to be the current plastic-backed Abena M4s for me. I'd rather have more protection than I need, rather than less and the M4s are the only nappy (except cloth) where I feel "safe enough" to relax completely...

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    Abena M4 for me.

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