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Thread: Future Earth what your option

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    I know a lot out say don't worry global warming not real but what do you all think the future earth will look like if the Human species keep going on like we are?

    My option it looks like the grim future for us think out with all problems we have war , oil shorted, and population grown every day with food shorted and fresh drinking water runs low . I see future with have world forest's destroy with animating species wipe complete out and global climate so much population you can't breath. In my honest option human do not change we will destroy our self from earth without a comet like that killed the dinosaurs.

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    Specifically on climate change, I don't think it'll ever get _that_ bad.

    Humans are reactive, not proactive. In general, we don't deal with things until they actually become a problem. This applies to things way beyond climate change. When things actually do become a problem however, we do a surprisingly good job of dealing with it.

    In short, I think the climate problem is going to keep getting worse and worse, until it hits a point where day to day life is actually impacted in a substantial way, at which point things will be dealt with in some manner.

    As for the other stuff, I don't think things have gotten substantially worse compared to previous history. There's always been war and all the problems caused by it.. just look at the Mongol invasion of Khwarezmia.. kinda makes what's going on in the world now look a little less insane.

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    i personally dont believe in global warming, it's just a cycle nature is going the past million years the earth has heated up en got cold and this probably still goes on and on.
    we will eventually run out of oil, there will be another solution, otherwise there is no more money for oil companies and the whole world wil go bankrupt!

    humans are part of nature, i believe that someday we will be extinct by our own mistakes! humans are dirty beasts, look around what happens everywhere!
    War, war, war, war! racism! destroying our own nature! people who mistreat animals! people who mistreat children! people who mistreat other people!
    its just insane!

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    In some number of eons the sun will swell up and swallow the earth and none of this will matter so enjoy what we have now!

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    National Geographic magazine ran an article about ten years ago discussing extinctions, including ours. Their statement was that if we keep doing the things we have been doing, we have about another 100 years before we become extinct, for the very reasons you mentioned Babylife. Pollution and over population have the potential to do us in. This is one reason why President Obama is pushing clean, renewable energy.

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    lol we all gonna die EVERYBODY!!!

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