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    My name is kimi and I am 23. Yes, I am diagnosed with mild to moderate autism. I've always had on interest in diapers. I've wanted to wear them but I've only been able to wear depends and using the excuse that they are for my period.

    My parents aren't supportive of my love for them, especially my mom. It makes me feel uncomfortable wearing them but I do want to. My parents are really hard to convince and I also don't have friends who would be supportive of it either.

    I've always had diapers as on and off interest but because my parents, as I said, don't approve, it makes it much harder for me. My mom always finds the used diapers I have peed in and gets mad at me.

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    Yay hi!, Can you tell us about what you do? Activities games? Interests ;D Besides diapers cus we all luvs dem ;D My names michael irl but my usernames crel call me whatever u want someone nicknamed me Crepe ;D Nice to meet you ;D

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    Well, I have a lot of limited interests. Mostly with anime, alice in wonderland and paranormal... not really that much interest.

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    RSOME anime freaking rocks like srrsly hehe i luvs it, it makes me cry at the ending like last ep's cus there so good an den deres a end without another season ='[

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    I've also got this huge interest for Ruby Gloom. XD

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    I sadly havent seen it yet, But id certainly look into it ;D Im a action, Drama Kinda guy xD Cant stand too much drama while i cant stand too much action so i pick both, But of course i watch drama just rarely, Only the ones that realy intrigue me. ;D

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    Hi, nice to meet you kimi. My name is Alia . When you say you have interest in paranormal do you mean like paranormal things including paranormal phenomena and different categories that can include other phenomena like precognition in dreams and such? If so, I do too. I always found Alice and wonderland related to such things too, since it can be analyzed in very bizarre ways. Like, when the Caterpillar asks Alice "who are you?" when he asks I wondered myself who I was and if I really was just a girl in wonderland (aka earth).

    Anyways, I'd love to hear more from you.

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    Yeah that's what I mean. XD

    With Alice, I've always felt I relate to her because of my autism and everything. I always feel like I'm in my own world that no one has ever understood. That's why I love Alice in Wonderland so much because I relate to her.

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    Yeah, I can kind of relate to her too in a way that relates to autism too. I was diagnosed with child onset schizophrenia at age 11. Its supposed to be something like 4 percent of children who are actually diagnosed at that age. So, it kind of feels like I'm in my own world at times.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC Kimi I hope you find support and friendship here on ADISC.
    I can relate on some level about feeling like you live in your own world in which nobody seems to understand how you feel.

    I have always felt misunderstood by everyone it seems like and sometimes it feels like your the only one dealing with your situation.

    you are in good company here we can all relate in some way to each other here on ADISC we don't bite

    Feel free to ask questions and relate you can learn many tips about dealing with life as AB/DL

    ADISC Welcomes kimi

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