Hi everyone,

I've been really interested in the causes of infantilism/ABDL recently. In my searching around, I came across a neat document at BitterGrey's Understanding Infantilism page (the first ABDL site I ever visited, and an awesome one!) A man named Thomas Speaker published a Master's thesis on infantilism in 1980. I was amazed; I didn't think any serious research had been done on this condition before. Has anyone else ever read it? Here's a link to it:


It's extremely lengthy, but I think it's worth a read. Basically, he begins by defining fetishism and infantlism, and then moves into several case studies of actual ABDLs, which makes up the bulk of the paper. He then discusses different philosophies of treatment and what he believes the best approach to ABDL-ism to be.

My thoughts: I'm glad someone actually took the time to research infantilism at this level. That said, I'm not sure about his research methods. He only surveys a few people, which isn't great research practice (but I guess it was the best you could do in the pre-internet days). It's interesting to read the case studies and the numerous different triggers that the subjects think caused their ABDL desires.

His section on treament is excellent: rather than trying to cure the fetish (unlikely to happen), he advises searching for self-acceptance. He also talks about the need to open up to one's partner on pg. 82-83, which is something I've been thinking about recently. Basically, his model of treatment is not on trying to 'cure' the fetish, but on how to exercise it in a healthy manner. This is what I'm trying to figure out for myself: I doubt these feelings will ever go away, but I hope to be in control of them and to make my fetish benefit myself and others, rather than harming them.

I really reccommend a look, and would love to hear your opinions.