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Thread: See ya!

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    Default See ya!

    Tomorrow we face impending doom...!

    I for one welcome being sucked into an alternative universe, I hope I gain supapowers.


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    Nah, I like where I am. I hope it doesn't happen.


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    I have a theory that xkcd has a suitable comic for every eventuality. I've printed off a copy of this one to give as a present to my physics teacher tomorrow:

    xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe

    Seriously, the chances of this being the end of the world are minute. Though I think if it happened, the whole human species would deserve a Darwin Award.

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    The whole things sounds like it's from a cheap Sci-fi B movie. Scientist said that before we tested the A bomb, it could cause a chain reaction that would have taken out the entire earth. The thing that is disturbing about this is that highly respected scientists are saying that it could cause a black hole. Why would you want to screw around if you don't have a plan to stop it, once it starts? Perhaps a preemptive strike is in order. Bush is good at that. Well, it's been nice knowing you all. See you on the other side.....yes... the dark universe! How many of you ever saw the movie and series "Lex"?

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    Oh yeah, I seriously went around school today shouting the end is nigh!

    The one person who I didn't explain myself to was going through the steps of knowing that you're going to die. He had already progressed to anger when I left school today. lol, I'm such a horrible person...

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    But I can happen, who knows, so maybe the people with the A and H bombs calculated wrong, and these people have a new claculator.....LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by weswissa View Post
    Nah, I like where I am. I hope it doesn't happen.

    Why? Earth is boring, no magic, no pew pew lasers.

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    No one has said what the real cause of this end is...Other than being sucked into an alternate universe...But what caused that? That collider thing?

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    Well... if Earth is destroyed, so will all those **hole tailgating truck drivers around here...

    Bring it on!!

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    It will just open a portal so that the combine opression can come in and take my crowbar {Half Life 2 Reference BTW}

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