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    should there be any pubic hair seen on those still in nappies?

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    From my past experiences I've decided not to shave down there. I have tried shaving down there in the past and it quickly becomes itchy and you must be very careful when shaving the scrotum area or you will cut yourself very quickly. I am happy to be diapered regardless of pubic hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diverj View Post
    should there be any pubic hair seen on those still in nappies?
    This question is phrased a little bit creepily IMHO... perhaps 'Do you prefer to be have your pubic hair shaved/removed when wearing diapers?' would have been a better way of asking. I think it's the use of the word 'should'...this isn't a 'should' question. It's a question of personal preference. Bear in mind we have users from the age of 13 and up on this site and perhaps you'll understand some of my discomfort...

    In any case, I prefer hair to be trimmed or gone, both at the diaperee and the diaperer. Hairless crotches/bottoms are easier to clean, and I find lotion/ powder feels better on the skin when it's shaved. I have to say I've had trouble removing my own hair recently though, which is a little annoying.

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    I think it's a personal choice but as for me yes I do shave. I find that changes are lot easier and you don't smell as bad. Of course I've been doing it for a log time now so when it starts to grow back it's no longer itchy but when I first started it was bad. There's also other negatives to watch out for such as folliculitis and cellulititis which can turn into a big problem real fast if you don't keep on top of it. But as for me I feel the positives outweigh the negatives

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    Shave it once and then shave every couple days. Your skin will get used to the irritation, and you'll learn how to shave effectively. It's way more hygienic to be clean down there.

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    I started shaving my nether regions as soon as I found out I could and that was long before I was back in diapers. I hate hair!! I shave from armpit to toe to be honest -.-

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    It's only really necessary if you wear 24/7, and even then it's not really necessary, so much as a good idea. Beyond that, some people just like to keep it shaved. I keep it trimmed, but not shaved.

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    I'm with CharliePup on the phrasing could have been better thing. everyone else has said, it's really a personal preference thing.

    However....if one is wearing AND using their nappies they will find it is easier to 'clean up' if there's no 'hair down there' to trap the urine (and whatever else). Also, it should be noted that although you may think you 'smell sweet', if you have 'hair down there' and you do not bathe (and I do mean bathe, not just use a couple of wipes) you WILL smell...and it will not be matter how much powder you use.

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    Yeah, I was wondering about that and seeing everyone comments about personal preference, I would agree. I still would shave it totally, but I think that it would outweigh the cons, if you are messing your diapers.

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    I always shave face to toe while preparing to be diapered up for the weekend! I can't seem to get in baby mode with any hair on my body besides my head hair and eyebrows. Yes I'm a boy but if I intend on being a baby, I feel it's necessary to fit the part, heheh!

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