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Thread: So I need some advice, fast....

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    Default So I need some advice, fast....

    So next Wednesday my room mate is headed home for a 5 day break. I have a plan, but before I go through with it I want advice.
    The Plan:
    I want to order a sample pack of Bambino's and booster pads from their site and have them delivered to the local UPS store. From there I can pick them up and hide them until he goes home. When he goes home I was planning on locking my door, diapering up and wearing for the rest of the night in the comfort of my own room. I planned to wet and MAYBE mess, it really depends on how many people are still here as cleanup is always a pain. I may wear one diaper all night long, wet and messy or not. Now, Thursday morning my girlfriend is coming up, she does not know about my love for diapers and I plan to keep it that way. I am going to set an alarm and wake up early to cleanup and dispose of the soiled diapers and everything will be fine when she arrives. I have a few questions about all of this.

    -I want to keep this as discreet as possible, my parents can't know. Is there a way to order so that it won't show up on my credit/ debit card? I have heard of people using the prepaid ones, does that work?
    -My billing address and mailing address will be different, what does this mean for me?
    -What is the best way to prevent diaper rash?
    -What is the best way to make myself have to wet or mess a lot?
    -Any other advice?

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    Prepaid should be fine, pretty sure they don't have a statement - or if they do, just give your dorm address.
    I think delivering to a UPS store will mean you'll be safe with a different billing address.
    Prevent diaper rash by changing frequently, using powder and cream!
    Drink lots of water/caffeine and eat a lot of food in the morning?
    Make sure you have some air freshener to mask any smells - I'd recommend not messing as your GF will probably smell it. Plus, make sure to set enough alarms that you can't sleep through!

    Finally, enjoy!

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    She won't smell it since I'll have it all cleaned up about 3 hours before she arrives. And as for rash, I don;t want to change frequently. Actually I may not even change at all...the point is to just wear and keep wearing, even a wet diaper.

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    We've all heard of the marshmellow trick. Is there another way to make myself mess a diaper involuntarily/ semiuncontrollably without putting stuff up my butt?

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    I would say not mess because it harder clean up and diaper odor going be a problem even after change becuase sometime it hard mask diaper odor after use diaper to mess the smell stay awhile.

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    Hi Crinkley, sounds like fun! I would also recommend not messing at his point. Even with a good wash (and shower) the odor can sometimes still be noticeable, more so the loger you spend in the mess. This is a potential issue especially if you two will be getting close immediately after she arrives ;-)

    Just enjoy some serious wetting, and next time when you have some more time, add in a good messing. I find that eating a great deal of fiber (whole grain cereal and bread) helps make you mess a great deal.

    All the best

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    Oh we will be Haven't seen each other in nearly a month, so yeah I'll hold off on that and stick to wetting. Rumor has it that bambinos run small and a 38 waist won't fit in a medium? True or False? (38 wast doesn't equal fat it equals super tall. 6'6")

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