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Thread: Went to a diaperware party!

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    Default Went to a diaperware party!

    Kind of like a tupperware party, me and a bunch of abdls headed up to Ottawa to have fun and listen to the man behind promote his wares. We got some nice discounts too! I had a blast, checking out what seemed like 40 different models of plastic pants, a whole range of pacis some of which make the nuk5 look tiny, and their upcoming line of onesies (I bought one). Of course, he also had plenty of diapers, and I got a case of abena xplus (42), a bag of supers (24) and a bag of stuffers (40). I got it all safely into my room back and home, and have now been diapered 24/7 for 3 days, which is really awesome! They're doing it again next year, and I'll be sure to go.

    And after not having diapers for almost 3 months, might I say that I have truly enjoyed them... sometimes naughtily, hehe.

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    Wow... that's awesome!

    Is he coming to a city near me anytime soon?

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    Sounds awesome! Diaperware = funnest thing ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NovaSurf View Post
    I met that guy once...thought he was kinda creepy.
    I met him in another chat...thank god not in person (at least not that I'm aware of anyway)...and I thought the same thing. He gave me the heebie-jeebies sometimes just talkin' to him.

    Not that that in any way detracts from the quality of their products...just an opinion of the guy behind the company.

    That is unless the company has changed hands recently (which I doubt).

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    sounds cool to have a get-together with people to check out abdl stuffs

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    That sounds so cool. No, really cool. I think I have died of envy and this is my spirit talking from the ether.

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