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    hey guys im ready to try moving up to better quality diapers and i need some advice ordering a sample pack.

    I can fit into goodnites/underjams ok, but not much room up front. My last pack of diapers were small depends with the tabs. I'm only like 5'4 120. I was worried if i tried dry 24/7's they would be too big. I'm really interested in bambino's but I wanna know how they fit compared to small depends or goodnites

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    Can you be more specific about the depends, are they s/m or only "small"? Does the bag have a waist size listed under the small label?

    If the waist size is 20-31" then adult medium of any variety will really be quite a bit bigger than you are used to. Not only will they be a lot bigger, but the fit of adult medium diapers is supposed to be bigger than smaller varieties or childrens pull ups (goodnites), so not only will they be quite a bit bigger, but they will also feel huge if you are not used to them. Unlike goodnites, adult diapers tend to have very high rise and wide sides. I fit well within adult medium but they always feel too big, and when I have tried adult small and I can't even tape them on.

    Brands like dry 24/7 and bambino take the oversize element even further; if a standard adult diaper fits big, then a premium diaper will swallow you. This can be a bad thing or a good thing depending on prefereance. Being too big isn't that much of a problem unless you need function and discretion. Even if you end up with size Large, you will be able to tape them on and use them though they might leak and they will look funny.

    I would say just try some samples and see how you like them. They will feel pretty big, but adult medium should fit you well enough. I would consider your waist size more than hight and weight. If you have at least a 30 inch waist or hips (what ever is bigger) then adult medium is going to be just fine.

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