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Thread: No more Depends Fitted Briefs (w tabs) in stores anymore?!`

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    Default No more Depends Fitted Briefs (w tabs) in stores anymore?!`

    I just went to CVS last night, and they've completely stopped selling Depends plastic backed diapers with tabs. They were on sale for 11.99 over the past 3-5 weeks, and now I know why... CLEARANCE SALE! Needless to say I have to order diapers online now all the time, or go to Walmart and pray they still carry them.

    Anyone else know about this?

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    They have the CVS brand at some of the locations near me. Not that those are anywhere near as good, but I think you have to remember the state of the market.

    Self sufficient people who need incontinence products prefer the underwear and will only wear the "diapers" if absolutely necessary. Since the underwear now comes in more a discreet presentation(read: looks more like everday underpants if you catch a glimpse of wasteband when someone bends over) people are buying those instead. And even when I see people buying incontinence products on my travels it's usually the underwear.

    The company is going to carry what sells and get rid of the rest in the most profitable way possible.

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    If you are referring to the 3 tab depends, then idk about CVS, but wal mart still carries them, BUT they've changed the name... THey're no longer "fitted briefs", but "Protection (with tabs)"... hope this helps

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    Also to go along with what blahblah said the package looks alot different now. Check tgeir website to see what the package looks like so the next time you go to the store your prepared. Hope that helps you

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    Ya know I just went into cvs the other day and asked about that after finding an empty shelf with a clearance tag... He tried to tell me that it was just a sale and theyd be back. I didnt believe him

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    Truamachick i wish i knew there was a sale going on i wouldve stocked up!

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    A few stores have dropped them, so it wouldn't surprise me. I know Target still carries them, and last I checked Walgreens had them, too, if that helps at all. I have a feeling larger stores (like Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc.) may be more likely to carry them, since they will be less drastically affected by selling an unpopular item than a smaller, more targeted chain.

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    Yup, alot of stores are deffinatly dropping them. Most unfortunate as they were something to get in a quick pinch if your meeting up with a dl friend or something.

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    I'm skeptical, it seems that every few months we have a small diaper discontinuation panic (even more often for Pampers Cruisers 7). Usually (but not always) it turns out to be overblown. As a general rule, I assume their still being made as long as their are still mentioned on the manufacturer's website. As of now still lists them.

    That being said as others have pointed out, smaller stores sometimes drop low turnaround items to save precious self space.

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    I never use the underwear type when traveling as they are almost imposable to change in restrooms, you have to get undressed just to change them. Where the diaper style is easy to change.

    I also don't like the Velcro types and the Velcro tabs are always coming lose.

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