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Thread: I could use some diaper advice.

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    Question I could use some diaper advice.

    Hey all... I know I'm usually the one providing suggestions to others... so I felt that turning the tables was fair enough.

    As the vast majority of you know... I am still wearing 24/7. I am currently using two diaper brands... Attends and Dry 24/7. This works out fairly well as I have the option of either a thin diaper (Attends) or a thick diaper (Dry) to suit any occasion... depending on my activities, the accessability of changing facilities, and etc.

    Attends are coming up short on both absorbancy and comfort. When dry they are very nice... thin and light, I almost forget I have one on. However when wet they tend to sag and the padding clumps up... which isn't very comfortable at all. Also they don't hold quite enough for my likings. I don't mind changing at work or out in public... but these Attends only hold 3 of my wettings before they need changing. So I end up changing several times during the course of a day. By comparison the Drys will hold something like 8. A diaper with a capacity of 4-6 wettings would be ideal.

    Price is also an issue here. I don't mind paying a little bit for a quality product... but as I can get Drys for about $1 per diaper I feel that my "thinner" diaper should cost somewhat less. Attends are about $0.80 each... just for comparison.

    I'm really leaning towards the Abri-form Super... but I don't know for sure. I don't like the new cloth-covered Tenas... and Tranquilitys are the same price as the Drys. Molicares and Secure X-plus are just too expensive IMHO.

    Do any of y'all have a reccomendation for me? Do you have any experience with the Abri Super?

    Assistance is appreciated!

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    I got a bag a supers recently, and they are very good. Lasted me all day with capacity to spare, but I wanted a clean diaper for the night. I may not wet as much as you though, since I probably don't drink enough water. I also wore with a sleeveless onesie under my t-shirt, so I can't tell you anything about sag. It certainly didn't clump. I like it.

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    What about using a stuffer/pad thing with some cheap brand? Or would that end up costing more...I'm too lazy to calculate it >.>

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    Comboing a stuffer and a cheap diaper typically ends up costing more than just a good diaper.

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    Hum... I'm not very versed in what your bladder capacity/expelling rate is compared to mine, since ours are vastly different. But, the only diaper I could really recommend from an unbiased stand point would be Molicare Super(not plus.) They are 30 bucks for a bag of 28, and from my experience held about a wetting and a half for me (but as I said, we have vastly different bladders.).

    I wished I could give you more advice, but this is all I can give.

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    It won't cost you nothing if you use something washable, just the inital buy, I'm still useing the same 6 I started with earlyer this year.

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    You might want to try Secure Plus.

    Your best bet is to either get samples, or buy a single pack until you find one you like.

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    When I first started wearing "regularly", Attends were my diaper of choice. But, the clumping just got annoying. If I were laying in bed all day, I think Attends would be fine. They are most definitely not meant for an active person.

    I have used the Super Plus for a while now. They are relatively inexpensive and hold a lot. They are fairly discrete and hold up very well to busy bodys.

    I tried the Secure Plus recently and will be ordering those from now on.....I like the taping panel and they felt softer and appeared thinner than the Super Plus. I also felt like the absorbency was better.....

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    I use attends breathables for daytime, never really had any clumping issues, I think the tranquility slimlines are pretty good. I use Tena Supers as well for daytime, the older ones with tapes, those aren't bad.

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    I have to agree that the attends quality has gone way downhill. I got myself a pack of the breathables for the first time a few weeks ago and I am definately disappointed. Personally I would go for the prevail brief, it's the "breathable" type like the new attends and then just add the depend boost inserts. Only problem is that the depend boosts aren't everywhere though I have been able to find them in Wal-mart. I don't think they add much in cost but they definately do make a pretty good difference with a minimum of additional bulk under clothes.

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