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Thread: Hi i'm new to Adisc

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    Hi welcome to ADISC! Maybe read this and add to your introduction. Tell us a bit about your hobbies, interests, and other stuff happening in your life (your job or higher-education pursuits). I'm sure many of us here at ADISC will have something in comon with you. Anyways welcome to ADISC and I hope you find some valuable friends on the forums and also on the IRC.

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    Ok revised intro haha lol

    Im a dl. Im currently taking ged classes. Not sure what im going to do future wise as the economy looks bleak. Im a member here for support and help also to be around people who share similar interests so that i dont seem like a nutso. Interests videogames sports collecting military surplus eating LOL and my kawasaki ninja sportbike 8) sorry for the randomg blabbing for the intro hope to meet new people here

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    Welcome ScoobydoKiddo. Just so you know, you're not nutso. You are who you are, and we all support you here.


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    Its hard not having any close friends you can talk to about things and hopefully i can utilize this site to make myself more comfortable with other people here its a struggle out there not having anyone with the same interests as you and have fun too also as i forgot to add to my intro one of my other interests is xbox live Thanks Jayne

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    Welcome ScoobyDooKiddo, I see you like playing Xbox. What games do you play ? I'm mostly into mw3 but I also like some driving games too.

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    Mostly into driving games but i also have mw3. I also like games like fable

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    Mrtowtruck76, If you want to hook up with xbox i can pm you my gamertag. Oh, does anyone know how i can set up my profile? I'm running this site on my iphone and I can't seem to find the edit button when i view my profile. I'm a little confused with the ranking system.

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    This site is really restrictive on mobile devices, I suggest if you have access to a PC at home or at a library that you set up your profile that way.

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    Thanks tow, i appreciate the advise. Using the iphone for now until i can get the old desktop back in working order. As soon as i can get on a regular computer i will have my profile up thanks.

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    Hi Scooby!

    Welcome to ADISC! I know you are a biker and a gamer, just asking, what would be your favorite "biker" video game?

    Welcome to ADISC, I hope you have a blast being a active member here!


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