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Thread: (baby) pull ups - how much do they stretch?

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    Default (baby) pull ups - how much do they stretch?

    Instead of starting another "does x daipers fit a y waist size" thread, I thought I'd ask in a different way, and perhaps make this a more "scientific" thread, versus hearsay and inconsistent answers (eg different definition of "waist size").

    So my question is: given your current stock of baby pull ups, how much do they stretch? that is, what is the maximum length you can stretch them?

    I believe this will allow people to judge for themselves, for example, which diaper is truly larger (at least in terms of how much they stretch) and which they might actually fit into.

    To start off, Mamy Poko Pants XXL stretch to 14" (28" circumference).

    (As far as I know, Mamy Poko isn't available outside Asia though, and the Pampers/Huggies we get are different too )

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    I tried on easy ups size 5 before, they stretch a lot. I have a 28 inch waist and they fit for about 10 minutes before the sides broke. Of course they didn't come up to my waist, but I've never measured my hips.

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    The huggies pull-ups are really stretchy.They easily fit me, not barely, but like they should on a toddler, and I was very happy with them. I also tried the pampers easy-size 6, and yes they did break, but they came up to my hips. They are pretty crappy though. The cool-alert actually worked one time (huggies) when I was bedwetting and they woke me up. I obviously was already wet (not that it mattered, I would have peed in them anyway)but I was surprised at that.

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    I wear Huggies Pull-Ups 4t5t. They fit me pretty mch the same way they fit a toddler. THey are very stretchy. I am trying to depend more on them. I have been sleeping in them for a while now and im trying to get my body use to sleeping in them at night. Much better than the first week. I have tried Easy-Ups but Pull-Ups are way better. Do Pull-Ups... I'm a big kid now!!!....LOL

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    I have tryed hugges pullups before but those ones are probly beter then ours. (probly made in japan. -_-) I looked at the mamy poko and got blasted with a realy loud cartoon voice telling me that there diapers are...thats actualy as far as i got till i turned it off becuse my mom was in the other roomXO.

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    I'm about a 34-waist and I could fit into 4t5t boy Pull-Ups... barely. Needed tape to keep it all together. But it did fit.

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    hi ion i am from singapore too !!! haha sadly i never buy those diapers.. but from the picture i am sure they can streach quite a bit. =D

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    I have a 30 inch waist and 32" hips and I can fit into Pampers Baby Dry size 6

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    Oh well, looks like this thread is back to one of those x diapers fits y waist threads...

    I was really hoping for a more "scientific" thread, where you guys actually tried stretching a pull up and measuring how much it really stretches.

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    It says pn your profile that your 24, they wont fit you get adult diapers.

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