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Thread: Syria, Bashir Assad, and the Security Council's Resolution

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    Default Syria, Bashir Assad, and the Security Council's Resolution

    What do you think about all of the killings going on in Syria?
    Also, if you happen to think of a resolution, even if just a sketch, please feel free to post it here.

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    I highly doubt it's just the president there that's letting this shit happen, it's likely a small part or all of it's regime. Either way I think they should stepdown since their ordering it or, they can't control a country that's in the middle of it's own civil war with apparently one side being pacifists.

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    It's when I hear things like this that I'm so glad I stopped reading the news. I can't remember ever hearing about an atrocity in the news and changing my behaviour or doing anything to resolve the situation, so in a way, it really doesn't matter what I think -- it won't make the slightest bit of difference.

    Anyway, news is sensationalist, selective and extremely biased. The mainstream media are controlled by large multinational corporations with political ties, so you can't really trust them to tell you the truth (not that I think there's any great "conspiracy" behind it).

    I had a brief period where I got quite obsessed with searching and cross-referencing articles about the wars against Iraq, and it seemed like most of what was reported (particularly in the early stages) was completely, fundamentally and inexcusably wrong. Politicians and journalists know that you will forget the details of what you read, and they can completely contradict themselves later (so long as they're a tiny bit devious with the language they use) and they'll get away with saying anything. Most people aren't that interested in the news -- if you just ramble on, insist you're right, and confuse people by apparently (but maybe not explicitly) contradicting yourself, eventually most will lose interest and stop caring.

    I used to subconsciously think that I had a "duty" to watch the news and keep myself informed of world events... Now it just seems like a really macabre form of entertainment, like when people would flock to watch public hangings... or when they crane their necks to get a good look at a car crash.

    Sorry -- this is totally off topic from the question you asked!

    Have I become cynical in my old age? Or just a grumpy old git?!

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