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    Default Hello! from new member

    hello to all.

    Well lets get started (whew!! this is hard) Ok I am a 54 year male who for many years was an abused child whitch continued into my late teans and beyond. I was beaten daily for being a bed wetter and humilliated in front of friends and family forced back into diapers (nappys) at the age of about six and sometimes sent to school in them. My soul was destroyed all ambition went out of me, My schooling was affected I went from a top marks pupil to the lower end of the scale ,my school reports went from bad to worse. With comments such as,
    C is not trying.
    C could do better.
    C lets others do the work.
    C seems not to care.
    And so on, however I came to love wearing diapers for some strange reason I dont know why?.
    Another strange thing is at christmas & birthdays I got the best presents anyone could wish for and plenty of them, I could never understand this untill a couple of years ago I was talking to my wife about this, And her answer was guilt payment for the beatings what do you think?.
    I met my future wife when I was 26 and had my own home but still bed wetting, I knew if this relationship was going to go anywhere then I had to tell her I was a bedwetter. The best decision of my life she understood as her brother was also a bed wetter and she told me how her parents cured him by setting the alarm clock twice a night to get up to go to the toilet.
    To my amazement it worked it took 3 monthes but it worked.
    Later that year we wed and she practically put me threw school her self,
    she helped me with reading writing arithmatic and so on that my confidence once again began to grow so well I found better work with more money and better conditions. my wife became my world my reason to live we had three wonderfull children whome i am very proud of.
    Sadly I lost my wife last year, my heart is split wide open I still have not come to terms with her passing and through depression I am back to bet wetting.
    And I have put myself back into diapers (nappys) and have found I love them still so much I have worn them 24/7 for the last 10 months I hope my late wife understands tears are rolling down my cheeks I miss her so!.

    I hope I hav`nt depressed you all too much, I just wanted you to know something about me!.
    I hope this reads ok as i have never done anything like this before, my heart felt thanks.

    thanks again C.

    hope I hav`nt depressed you all too much, I just

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    I don't wanna be mean, but this sounds pretty Deekerish to me... just sayin'


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    Silverfox, let me first say, I'm so sorry for your loss. It must be terrible to lose someone you loved so dearly (I lost my mum in January 'n that was hard on me).

    Second, let me apologise for those who are quick to jump on the "DEEKER" bandwagon 'n label every message not exactly like their own as "Deekerish" *sighs*

    And third, let me welcome you to ADISC. You will find there are quite a number of us 'older folk' here, some a little more active than others, but still and all, the number of older members is quite high, considering the internet is 'thought' to be "for the younger crowd".

    Enjoy your stay, read some of the threads, put in a comment or two (I know it's a bit overwhelming on a first visit, but it gets easier after a while) and just have fun.


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    Thank you for your kind remarks, I too am sorry for the loss of your mother losing anyone you love is always heart breaking.
    Thank you again for not labeling me a deek I supose it may read that way, But I was only trying to give a bit of backgroud about myself. Maybe I was a bit of a deek before I met my wife who opened up a whole new world for me.
    I thought this site would be one place I would be excepted for who I am by all, Sadly it seems I was wrong but I will settle for almost all.
    Thank you again C.

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    Keep posting! Read through some of the other threads (off topic and mature topics have some interesting reads). Get involved. Soon everyone will know you for who you are. I'm sure you can bring some interesting thoughts, ideas, and insight into the forum.

    ps A 'deeker-dude' would have claimed to be 13 and his mummy would force him to wear diapers every day to school and all the time at home 'n make him wear frilly panties over the diapers and make him wear dresses and feed him baby food and change him and treat him just like a real baby and


    You get the picture LOLz

    I think your story was honest and heartfelt. I hope you'll stick around...don't let one bad-apple spoil the entire bushel!

    Edit: I think you just invented a new word for those types of people who tell the outlandish stories as if they were truth (again, I stress I don't find your story outlandish at all). Before we referred to them as "deekerish" or "wannabe deekers" or something along those lines...but now...we can just call them "DEEKS" I love it!

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    Welcome, Silver Fox! Sorry to hear about your loss, but its great to see some detailed introductions. Helps people to get to know you better. ;-)

    I hope you enjoy your stay here, and don't get put off just because you're "older". Might just be me, but I think a forum of this nature full of "teens" and no-one else is a bit... creepy.

    Anyway, long story short, welcome!

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    hey silver! welcome to ADISC!
    i hope somehow, someway everything starts turning around for you. Try to hold onto all your good memories, what was great about your childhood (what was fun etc), what was great about being a husband (fun, romantic memories, etc.), and whats great about still being young and healthy enough to live on your own, without being a family burden.
    It's great though that your wife accepted you for who you are, it sounds like if she never got sick (or whatever happened) and if u never stopped bedwetting, she would love you all the same today.
    Thats priceless...
    anyway welcome to ADISC, and lots of luck living out the rest of your life wet, dry or damp!

    ~ Will

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    I wasn't being mean, it just looked Deekerish to me and I'm not going to lie to make someone feel better. I'm sorry for the things that happened to you but still don't get pissed at someone. And I'm not a bad apple, it's just the way I am. He's not the only one with a screwed up past. But here is not the place to discuss my problems. So, I'm sorry. Still, I'm not going to lie to cover up my true feelings, not for anyone. That's what gets me in trouble a lot of times.


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    Welcome to the forum silver, enjoy your stay.
    We don't bite... well most of us. I am terribly sorry for the life you have had, but you are a stronger person today despite of it. So, lets thank jeebus, Allah, or whomever you pray to for that.

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