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Thread: Pamper Cruisers Size 7 Found In Sherwood Park (Walmart)

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    Default Pamper Cruisers Size 7 Found In Sherwood Park (Walmart)


    I'd like to let any people in Alberta know, that the new Walmart in Sherwood Park has Size 7 Pampers. I've been searching for them for a long while and finally found them. I'm so happy

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    Found some in a shoppers drug mart as well tonight. They were even on sale!

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    This makes me sad that I don't live in Edmonton anymore. ):

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    Well this makes me sad I am old and grey and fit medium adult sizes and not anything in any sort of "size 7..." I do recoommend youth sized Kins all in ones though... Congdon's in Edmonton carries them. Inner leak guards! best thing since sliced bread! Made in Canada!

    Youth Incontinent Supplies - Easy Care All-In-One Briefs

    here is where to look Baby Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers and accessories. In their adult products vinyl coated nylon pullups are loud, but totallygreat over a disposable and quite leakproof and low-priced ($15) and a welcome addition to any collection

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    Very nice! At age 21, are you able to fit in them? I'm so skinny and about your age but I barely can.

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    They fit pretty good, you just have to make sure you stretch them out lots before trying to get them on

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