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Thread: Dependeco diapers

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    Default Dependeco diapers

    Have not seen anyone talk about these but they are popping up all over on E-bay.

    They are cloth Velcro strap diapers and say that after at least 2 washes they will be 100% leakproof. O_o

    Easy*pul on ebay has a lot of them in plan or baby print looks even camo. I bought 2 to see how they work and feel as these will be my first cloth diapers. should be here by the end of the week.

    Has anyone else tried them?
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    No I've never heard of them before, but I would be very interested in your thoughts on them after the first few uses/washes, but 100% leakproof sounds to good to be true. Let us know what you think of them for sure!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleRobKY View Post
    but 100% leakproof sounds to good to be true.
    Thats what im thinking too, every diaper i tried leaks at somewhat.

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    I to have bought 2 of these and I still want more of them the prints are so cute but they are a bit pricy to buy alot at once
    as for fit the large fit me fairly well but as with most diapers the legs are tight but I have 36-37" waist and 28" leg that is quite large.
    as for absorbancy and leakproofness I haven't tried them out that much as I live with my family in fact I'v only washed one of them twice.
    they do have a PLU as part of the outer layer and that is what becomes 100% leak proof after 2 washes.
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    Fit is what im kinda wonding about, I am a 32 so that like on the end of a small and the start of the medium, so i got both sizes one small one med. But i do argee the prints are awesome as soon as i find out what size its me better i will be getting like 2 or 3 more.

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    I keep looking at the dependeco cloth diapers on e bay , and i would love to try one. It seems like a lot to pay for a cloth diaper. It would be nice if there were more of a selection of more babyish designs. If I was to buy one at just the regular 34.99 plus the 6 dollars for shipping would put me over 40.00 for just one diaper. I am thinking of just getting ahold of babykins, and having them just making me a custom made diaper. It would probably be cheaper. Also does anyone know where there is a web site on the internet where you can get dependeco.

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