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Thread: To tell or not to tell

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    Ok so lately I have been considering telling my friend about my fetish, and I just wanted to get some advice if I should or not.
    In all honesty if it was any other friend i wouldn't but there is something about this one.
    See the friend I am contemplating telling is my ex, we dated for about 3 months then she broke up with me saying that she didn't feel like we were a couple just more of good friends. So in short version I got friend zoned.
    But despite this we actually have become very good friends and we tell each other almost everything. I don't know why but when I'm with her I feel like I can tell her anything. And one night she asked me if I had a fetish, so for some stupid reason I said yes, and instantly she asked what it was. I told her I would maybe tell her so I don't technically have to, she would be pretty understanding if I didn't.
    Also she is one of the most open minded people I know.
    Oh but to make things more complicated I still have a huge crush on her.

    Sorry for the ridiculous length but I thought it best I explained my predicament in detail.

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    Well if you guys share everything than it sounds like you guys have a lot of trust in each other and she is open minded. It can be pretty difficult to tell someone but if its the right person it can be well worth it. If you trust her enough I would say yes, tell her. Even if you do have a crush on her this is just friends sharing with each other.

    Hope this helps.

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    Honesty is best, over morning coffe, just tell, I have a need

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    Of course there are many good things that might come of it, but please be sure to take these things into consideration:

    - Are you willing to have this person know your secret forever?
    - Are you prepared to have this possibly end badly?
    - Are you prepared for this to possibly end / irreparably damage your friendship / relationship?
    - Are you ready for all of the weird accusations?
    - Do you trust that this person will keep their mouth shut for as long as you two are in the same social circle?
    - By telling someone else, you risk losing control over your privacy. Are you prepared for all of the possible repercussions?
    - Even if it goes over, what do you wish to achieve? Is this goal worth the risk?
    - Are you prepared for nothing to change for the better?

    These are just a few things I could drum up off of the top of my head that you should seriously ask yourself before doing anything drastic. Some would say that it's not a big deal and just be who you are, but people unlike us have a horrible time understanding our fascinations 95% of the time. It is also extremely wise to be very delicate with this part (or any part) of your life.

    Let us know what you decide and how it goes. Be careful

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    Cloud, that is excellent advice. Sometimes I wish I had never told my wife, and I know she feels the same. At the time i cited a need to be honest with her as a reason for telling her but, if I'm honest the real reason was because i wanted her to play with me. Think of a fetish that sickens you, and that is likely how she will view your feelings toward diapers. Some things are better kept to yourself. It is only after 12 years of explaining, and a real effort on both of our parts that we have reached a comfortable place as a couple regarding this issue. I'm not saying definitely don't tell, but I would throw some diaper hints out there and check for feedback. Best of luck.

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