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Thread: Diaper with the most SAP?

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    Default Diaper with the most SAP?

    Could anyone say what diapers use the most SAP?

    I think this is what I love about baby diapers and hope for in an adult daiper.

    I can recall the great thign about Depend was that it was a sheet of SAP and like no wood pulp.

    Abenas are amazing (got one that's almost completely wet M2 on now) but there's wood pulp in the M2 3's and 4's. Leads to it being all clumpy and broken up when you wake up.

    I truly remember a nice soaked Depend would be really puffy after the SAP expanded, and it never broke apart.

    I really enjoy a nice jelly and squishy diaper... what's the best for that would you say?

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    For thick with lots of sap try dry 24/7, but they too have quite a bit of pulp. If you are really so bent up over pure sap, then try Molicare; they have the least amount of pulp that I know of in a diaper. Very stiff when dry, but when they get wet it is very jelly like. Unlike abena, both super and superplus seem to be low in pulp. Not sure if they exactly have the most sap, but they are very absorbent without being fluffy and the padding doesn't clump up or break apart after a while.

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    Unique wellness, Tranquility atn's are what you want if you want alot of sap.

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    I'm not 100% sure how to tell the difference between wood pulp and SAP, but I think that wood pulp is stiffer and more "noticeable" when wet, whilst SAP is the soft, fluffy stuff where you hardly know you're wet.

    If I'm right, the last lot of Abena Abri-form M4s I got (with black manufacturing codes printed on them instead of blue) had a lot more SAP than the ones I ordered just before Christmas. They were thinner and lighter, and seem to hold more (felt like 100% SAP, but probably not).

    But I find that they break up more easily (only if you keep undoing the tapes to use the loo like I do sometimes)... I find the ones that break up least easily are the ones with a combination of SAP and wood pulp (but maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about -- I dunno!) :-/

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    Molicares have the least SAP! Their wood pulp absorbs quicliy but liquids squeeze back out. Tranquility ATNs have a lot of SAP, they are slow to absorb a flood but lock it away in a wonderfully squshie way.

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    Of all the diapers I've tried, Tranquility ATN had the most gel with the least pulp inside them. When totally soaked, they basically turn into a really thick mound of goo ^_^

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    I'm not sure if you get the European or the American version of Tena products in Canada but if the European Tena Slip Maxi is available there I have found that they have even more SAP than Tranquility ATNs. The Bambino Bellissimo has quite a bit as well, there seems to be an inner core that contains quite a bit more than the rest of the diaper.

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