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    Well I recently got some cloth diapers from babykins and I chose to wear one to work today and I had leakage issues so I will explain what I wore and maybe some of the more experienced cloth diaper-ers will be able to lend a helpful suggestion.

    So today I wore the hook and loop velcro diaper with a stuffer and the terry lined improved pants 6mil. I was okay with one wetting but the second wetting started going out the bottom of the plastic pants. I could understand that happening if I was sitting but I was standing. Is there a more effective cloth diaper/plastic pant combination ? I am wearing the contour prefold right now w/o a stuffer, would this be a better day time diaper when combined with a stuffer ?

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    It leaked out the plastic pants? Where was the leak coming from? If it was in the plastic itself, you might have a hole. If it was around the legs, maybe the elastic wasn't properly placed.

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    Around the leg openings, I usually don't have leakage issues with my cloth diapers.

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    I wonder if the plastic pants were too large? They should be tight/snug but should not hurt. I do know that if you flood a cloth diaper, It will leak regardless of plastic pants. I've had it happen to me when I was standing. Quite frankly, I too was surprised. Cloth will hold a lot of wetness, but once it reaches its maximum, the urine puddled at the bottom of the plastic pants, and any kind of movement makes little gaps where the urine will leak.

    That said, it sounds to me like you should have gotten more than one wetting considering you used a stuffer, so I'm leaning toward the fact that your plastic pants might be to large/loose.

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    With cloth you have to tuck. The leg and waist bands of your plastic or rubber pants up and under, which forms a seal and sometimes leaning over when you pee will help as well by allowing more to absorb up front or vice versa

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    Second tucking the plastic pant openings back up under the diapers. This eliminates, or at least minimizes, leaking after wetting while the fresh pee is wicking throughout the diaper. Have said that, once the cloth is totally saturated thereís nothing you can do, itís going to leak.

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    Snug plastic pants are necessary most of the time. Although what ive established as my through the night and into the day diaper is a cloth diaper thick enough to hold a full wetting without plastic pants. (tested)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtowtruck76 View Post
    So today I wore the hook and loop velcro diaper with a stuffer and the terry lined improved pants 6mil. I was okay with one wetting but the second wetting started going out the bottom of the plastic pants.
    i have the same type of pants and it's a virtual guarantee that they'll leak from the legs in some way. if using plush/fabric/external elasticated plants, you need to increase the bulk of the diaper (particularly between the legs) to help prevent leaks; otherwise, best to use pants with enclosed elastics.

    as for cloth diapers and their suitable thickness/bulk/absorbancy, i've been thinking about an easy, rule-of-thumb guide and i've come up with this: if you can wear normal clothing over it, it's not thick enough.
    how so? well, as with modern children's clothing, adult clothing isn't cut to allow for the bulk of a traditional diaper.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions and help. I am going to try a thicker diaper combined with a stuffer on my day off and see how long that lasts me, Ideally I need a 6 to 8 hour solution and I have been using disposables so far with the ability to change every 4 or 5 but with cloth I don't feel comfortable changing in public just yet as I havent scoped out washrooms where nobody will see me take supplies in and out of (I keep all my changing supplies in a fabric/plastic lunch kit from superstore)

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    the type of fold will help. i allways think the kite is best for holding the most wee. plus good pants.

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