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    Default New baby! Yay!

    Hi, everybody, I'm Sir Stinkypants! I've been interested in both the AB and DL sides of things since adolescence, and have played with diapers numerous times in numerous ways over the years. I have worn (and used) them myself from time to time throughout my life though never regularly. Long ago I acted as sometime daddy to one adult baby girlfriend, which I enjoyed immensely. There is a definite sexual element to diapers and babying for me, which I know some of you share and some do not. I am very open-minded and open-hearted; I can definitely see how some might prefer a somewhat "purer" sort of babying...hugs to you if that describes you, and hugs to those like me, also...

    I had not pursued my interests in these matters for several years (I am 34, going on 2), indeed the whole thing had seemed to lose some of its charm, but then recently I started dating a woman a few years my senior. Now, I am an unusually perceptive individual in some ways, but somehow I became aware that my lady had an interest in mothering me that went considerably beyond offering me food. There were little hints, but really it was as though she had read my fantasy straight from my mind. She's been my mommy ever since, and I now have the rare and wondrous opportunity to explore what it is to be an adult baby with a loving mommy to change me and look after me. Honestly, I think I always found it hard to imagine their was anyone out there who would not only be willing but actually enjoy caring for me that way. Well, there is, and it is in many ways the most unique and intimate relationship I have ever been in...

    As for lifestyle, I am a weekend baby mostly, partly because that is usually when I am able to see my mommy and partly because babyhood is a cherished haven of escape I would much rather look forward to visiting than live in. Again, hugs to you if you are 24/7 by choice, extra hugs if you are 24/7 without the choice. And, of course, hugs to the part-timers like me. Hugs in fact to all for your welcome! I am active on Daily Diapers forum (under almost the same name, with the space added: Sir Stinkypants). I love to roleplay and write stories, discuss matters of our lifestyle, and discuss the psychology and philosophy of ABDL.

    In my more big boy life I am in the construction trades, I have an avid interest and most of a bachelor's degree in history, and I am fascinated by human psychology, including that related to matters ABDL. I like literature and philosophy, also, and am a great fan of good drama and good art. I enjoy good conversation, and am an exceptional listener.

    So that's me in a nutshell. More could of course be said, but that's enough for now. Get to know me as I get to know you. I'm looking for friends here, and looking forward to meeting everyone!

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    What a wonderful introduction! That's really good!

    I did a few psychology classes at college, and I really enjoyed them! What do you mainly tend to read, with regards to psychology?

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    Interesting question, Talula, and a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I'm glad you enjoyed my introduction, I did try to follow the sticky guidelines so as to make a positive impression. I too took at least one psychology class in college, I loved the subject and hated the class. As strange is it may sound, I rarely read books for the purpose of understanding psychology, I read people. I read hearts, and to some degree minds. You could call it "magic" or ESP, but, as I might remind the profession of psychology given half the chance, giving a name to a phenomenon is utterly different than explaining it. It's a trick that's usually hard for people to believe until I do it with them, and then they usually are somewhat frightened. It has a way of debunking much psychology theory, but also reinforcing much. If a school of thought is what you seek, I might term myself a modified freudian. Freud was a strangely insightful individual whose ideas, though of course not totally complete or correct, get blasted in modern times because he said things people don't want to hear. I could actually make the exact same argument about Macchiavelli vis a vis political theory...

    But I should read more theory, it would give me more theoretical basis for my ideas on the subject...

    How about you, do you believe in magic? Seeing is believing, they say...much more to that story, of course, please let me know if such things interest you! You could be thinking I'm crazy, which is probably in some ways true, but it does not change what is. Try me sometime, I can read people over distance, too...

    A pleasure to have met you, and thanks for the warm welcome. I hope you enjoy my posts!

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    Man you obviously put a lot of effort into that. That is like 4x longer than my introduction. Anyways welcome aboard I hope you find many friends in this wonderful community of like minded, mature people. I see you are an exceptional listener, I am a great talker (lol), maybe sometime we should talk!

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