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Thread: On a scale of 0 to 10, how much do you let your sissy side show?

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    Question On a scale of 0 to 10, how much do you let your sissy side show?

    Just in day-to-day, average, vanilla life, around people who don't (or wouldn't, anyway) know about your... *ahem* Extracurricular Activities... How much do you come across as a sissy or LG? Do you drop hints or act girly at all? That sort of thing.

    I'm a 0... I don't think it needs any explanation.

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    0. Being as it is seldom expressed outside of my choice in diapers, my sissy side literally stays in my pants.

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    Now, while I hide my DL side, I don't hide an ounce of my LG side... Probably because my girly-ness has been evident since I was little. My parents, my cousins, both male and female, my aunts and uncles, etc. all had points in their childhood where they did dirty, gross, weird things. I never had that point. I wouldn't even help my grandma (who I would have and still will do anything for) dig in her garden because of the mud and worms. So I don't hide it, but I don't show it, you know? I don't put it out. It's just there. I'm as girly as I need to be and as boyish as I need to be. That being said, I don't show the girly part of my personaity that I regress with, because that's more of my baby-ness than my girly-ness. I don't know. It's hard to assign a numerical value to something so essential to my personality. If it were another aspect, say, problem solving ability, I could do it. But this has a role in everything I say, think, do, think about what I think and do, and everything else. Without my girly side, I wouldn't be me. Which would be why I voted undecided. Yay indecision!


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    I put three, but I'm not really sure. >.>

    I know there are some things that I do that aren't quite the epitomy of 'masculine', and I don't quite go out of my way to hide them either, but its not really anything excessive. At least not in my opinion.

    With that said, if people would stop being so 'wtf' every time someone does something different, than I would definately act more 'girly' in public.

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    what little friends that i have in real life and all of my co workers know and could care less. i put an 8 only because i cant let my sissyness interfere with my work i have to stay focused on what im doing. i live in a non steriotypical comunity so it appears. or they have just gotten used to us here. people here are too busy being in to themselves.and if you dont push yourself onto others no one cares what you do. small town in bfe.

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    I said 2, but to be honest, it's probably even less. I'm just sensitive, caring, and several other traits that many may deem to be relatively feminine in nature. However, I have a hard time seeing those as 'sissy.' I'm just not one to go trying out extreme sports or anything to get myself hurt, which has led to the 'sissy' name calling in the past, but perhaps that's a whole separate thing entirely.

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    Yeah, I put 1 just because I am who I am, and may express caring and concern. Working with the general public, I try to be careful because people can be judgmental.

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    I'd be about a 8 or so. I don't get dirty, I actually move in a fem way (if you know what I mean), I am not at all what the gender roll of a man is.

    So yeah. Im always letting my sissy side show. And those I have told say "that explains a lot."

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    Eh, I really don't get the rating, I'm just naturally girly I guess. I have a very quiet shy side, the kind of side thats complete caring, respect, and levelness. Also I'm what is frankly a domesticated house son, So cleaning cooking, the "stereotypical girl stuff" are some of my favorite things to do, although, I don't really think that counts since guys can like that stuff. The over all reason I gave myself an 8... I'm the only Guy I know that wears my hair with pins in a pony tail to school, and uses a Hello Kitty watch and book bag. So I might be guilty of dropping a few hints.

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    I put three. I'm quite open about my liking of girly things.

    I work at a shop, and we're currently having a promotion on Hello Kitty stuff. I made it known that when it was over I was taking home the giant cardboard Hello Kitty promotional pictures we have handing from the shelves.

    Then again I have a good excuse: I'm bi. The way I see it this means I get to shag females and like all the stuff that gets you called 'gay'.
    Win freaking win baby!

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