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    Hey, I am wondering where you can generally find adult-sized plastic pants. It would be awesome to find some babyish ones, but I think this is quite unlikely. I really would like to buy a pair to wear with disposables on occasion, but have no idea where I could possibly purchase them. I am aware that you can buy them online, though this is not a very suitable option for me (worst case scenario). So can you actually buy them in stores? Can you find or order them from a pharmacy or something? Do medical supply stores carry them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Medicqal supply stores have them, they are normally plain white however. I bought my first pair from a medical supply store.

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    I don't think they sell them in stores...I have heard of them being sold in Wal-Mart, but I have never seen them...I wish they did...

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    Medical supply store is probably your best bet, even then I can't say that I've ever seen them in any store as disposables and some modern all in one cloth diapers sort of make them a bit obsolete. There are however a few online places that sell them and there are ways to get them even with no credit card, though I know you mentioned that might be an issue. If you want to order online you might want to check with your post office and see if you can have something sent as "general delivery" that way you pick it up at the post office as opposed to having it delivered to your house.

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    Most Medical supply stores that I have been in have still had them even with them carry mostly disposables as some people put them over the disposables to prevent leaks at work or if they are bed ridden. I have been into 8 to 10 different medical supply stores recently because my dad has had a stroke and seen them in all of them I would guess that it would be the best bet.

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    Shopper's DrugMart should carry them.... might have to really look hard for them.

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    I have been in medical supply stores and have never seen "plastic pants". I have however seen Saulk Sani Pant diaper covers which leaked and are worthless. Do not buy these! your best bet is going to be to get them offline. I don't know how small you are but you might also be able to fit in Gerber Plastic Pants, the ones they sell for toddlers at Walmart, Kmart and Toys R US. Just make sure you get the bigest size. They won't cover the whole diaper, but they will help prevent it from leaking at the leg holes when you are standing or sitting.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks for the help thus far. I'm going to try and look around at some places on my way home for school tomorrow. I think there's one medical store on my route home and several pharmacies, so I'll just look around I guess and see if I can find anything. I'll let you know if I am successful or not.

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    As has already been mentioned...the best bet is a medical supply shop (they also have the better brands of diapers). You can also find them (plastic pants) in most pharmacies if not in the adult diaper aisle try the area where they keep all the other...erm...things (commodes, bed pans, etc) I have seen adult size plastic pants at both Lawtons & Shoppers here on the east coast.

    I've also seen them in Sears catalogues (have them delivered to the store rather than to your home so you can pick 'em up at your convenience). Note: this was not this year...I don't get to look at many Sears catalogues (no money to buy anything anyway). lol Check online first.

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    IDK about Canada... but most medical supply shops that I've been in around here only carry really crappy hospital-style adult diapers. It is very difficult to find brands like Tena, Attends, or Molicare at retail stores.

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