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    My bladder problems seem to be getting worse. I have started to wear pull ups during the day. To start with it was just to control the odd dribble, but the last three times I have been out shopping I have really needed them. All of a sudden I really need to pee and then I just wet myself. The last time was today. I had peed myself even before I could leave the store. I'm so glad I was wearing protection.

    Does anyone else get caught short while shopping?

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    You are not alone - and the kind of incontinence you describe is probably one of the most disconcerting because it is often as unpredictable is it uncontrollable. It is also one of the "classic" forms and could well respond to treatment so (if you haven't already) it would be well worth seeing a doctor. Shopping - filling the car with fuel - waiting in line to buy cinema tickets - the times it can strike are innumerable and in the short term the reassurance of having a good diaper is essential.

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    Lord yes, and on days when you have bigger bouts than normal it is nice to have a quality diaper. I changed 3 diapers this morning in a 2 hour period at the office until I finally said, enough and put on a bellisimo. I hate the baby prints but having a diaper I can wear for longer than 30 minutes is a boon

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    I have recently started to take medication prescribed by my urologist. It is still early days and i hope it will make a difference, i need to double the dosage next week and he thinks that should help. Until then i will be using diapers 24/7, just to be safe

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    What is a bellisimo? Sounds like I may need one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayannight View Post
    You are not alone - ...... Shopping - filling the car with fuel - waiting in line ........ reassurance of having a good diaper is essential.
    Like dayannight has said, I too make sure I am wearing good quality diapers when I am out and about because my bladder lets go when it wants. I can't count how many times this has happened but now that I do wear quality diapers, I don't let it stop me from living.

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    I also have a very unpredictable bladder that can and often does decide to empty itself at times and in places where "disaster" would ensue if I weren't wearing a high-capacity diaper. However, with a diaper, the situations that would otherwise be "disasters" become minor happenings of no importance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    What is a bellisimo? Sounds like I may need one.
    Bambino's top of the line diaper. It is nearly $2 a diaper, but if you consider it is the equivalent of 2.5 regular diapers (regular being subjective to high quality diapers. In this case I mean Abena M3) This makes it more of an economical diaper if you want to change less and conserve diapers.

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    The medication does not seem to be making any difference - In fact things are still getting worse. I will be doubling the medication from tommorrow as instructed and I will see what happens. I hope things improve and that side effects do not start. I am still wetting at night and over the last few days have had daily accidents during the day. Like others have said there seems to be no pattern to my 'accidents', only that sometimes I need to pee and I have very little time to get to a toilet before I wet myself. I'm glad i was wearing protection.

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