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    Hi! I'm a TB/DL from Michigan. Im 17, and a guy, ive become a lurker and cant see anything anymore. I'm not sure what you want to know about me. I wear diapers, usually Walgreens Certainty, or Pampers Size 6, or pull ups. I do use my diapers for their purpose. I think my parents just found out last night and are going to approach me about it soon. I had them hidden in the back of a file cabinet in my room, and when I got home last night one of the pull ups was sitting in front of the file cabinet. I am freaking out, and dont know what to tell them. I could say they are my friend's because they are girl Pull ups that she does wear. Any advice?

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    Hi Quirbee

    welcome to ADISC! There's a good number of members here from MI.

    I hope you didnt get busted there.

    The best advice I could give you right now, is to get up to 20 postings, and then you will be able to use more of ADISC, and you can message people who have had similar experiences, and also connect with them on the ADISC IRC chat.

    It's hard to give advice without knowing more about your goals and what you are up against. Is it possible to say that "I've had some growing pains and trouble sleeping at night, dont ask, and that I really don't know what to do, and I really dont even want to talk about it right now?" (just an idea for starts, its vague, but it might work).

    good luck,

    - Will =)

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