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    Question So many questions...

    Ok so first off how do you know you are a furry? I don't want to sound stupid but I'm not educated on this subject very much. I don't think I'm into the whole wearing a costume but definitely understand the anonymity of it. I am a huge flaming lips fan and went out and got a bunny head from a flea market and wore it around town with my friends and everyone was so incredibly nice to me just because I had a bunny head which was cool because then I had dreadlocks and a lot of people who would have never approached me before seemed to run up to a life sized bunny with no worries haha...also when I was little I acted like a dog, like all the way down to folding my hands like paws and walking with my dogs and eating dog food/ drinking from their bowl and sleeping on my side like them. I have always had a connection with dogs and wolves and I know I am definitely into AB/DL but I really don't know how to tell if I am into the furry aspect or not. Does it have to be sexual? Can you just like acting like an animal? What are the facets that make up a furry and what types are there?

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    It's tough to say how you know you're a fur. From what you described, I don't see any reason why you couldn't call yourself one. As many will allude to, it's all a mindset. I did many of the same activities you mentioned as a kid. I have loved adorable furry creatures since I was very young watching Disney movies, playing out various protagonists for weeks on end. To this day, I find I relate better to some animals (Huskies in a particular) than other people.

    As for any required accoutrements, there are none. Fur-suiting is simply one possible way to get involved but is in no way required. In fact, many in the littlefur realm don't fur-suit, as it typically wouldn't work in a dimensional sense: fur suits are over-sized and by their very nature make you look 'big' not 'little'. I have some animal pajamas I bought off of Bunnywarez, but that is the only actual 'furry' related item I own.

    It doesn't have to be sexual at all. It certainly isn't for me and that seems to be typical of many BF/LFs. In fact, that seems to be a constant sticking point in the war between the adult furry community and that of the younger furs. There is an adult-oriented (wink, wink) edge to those whom act as older furs; drop your filter on FA and you'll see what I mean. I'm not hating on it; it's just a big gulf between the two age groups in the world of fur.

    You can absolutely act like an animal and call it good. I often do with my wife or other LFs: little growls, a lot of cuddling is usually involved, cute phrasings... It all comes down to how it feels for you. If you can imagine yourself as being a BF/LF and it fits, then I would say act through that. I'm not trying to over-simplify it but that's really all there is to it. However much you want to take on the role of a fur is up to you.

    As for types, there are a few basic categories:

    Babyfurs (BF) - Think infant, 0-2 years. Imagine on par with most ABs.

    Littlefurs (LF) - Think toddler, 3+ years. I group myself in this segment since I imagine myself to be about four.

    (I have on occasions seen the above groups collectively referred to as 'youngfurs'.)

    Diaperfurs (DF) - This would be the furry equivalent of DLs. They are furry and enjoy padding, but not necessarily acting as youngsters.

    Then there is the adult furs, but again, as I mentioned, they tend to segregate themselves from us.

    I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, ask away!

    And Flaming Lips FTW

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    What do you mean by adult furs are more sexually active? Bc they are old enough to partake? Personally I feel like a wild dog. In how I talk to people and view the world. I find that animals only take what they need to survive. I don't like bright lights or being backed into a corner so to speak. I'm very protective of my pack/family and actually had my husband howl with our two dogs and me to become part of the pack haha I feel crazy to act like this but animals and my pets have been there for me more than people. I love them so much. People I know always applaud me bc of how well I communicate with dogs. I'm not one to collect many stuffed animals but do have a sea turtle, puppy, giant dog named Rufus, a rabbit, oh geez am I a furry? I do not in any way find any sexual gratification in this but definitely love animals and not exactly acting like one but feeling like one more than being human. Ps do furries chew a lot? I love to chew pens, straws, pacifiers ( more than sucking ) etc. Thank you for your help

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    It's not that they're more sexually active in a typical sense. It's more that a lot of the art on FA that doesn't involve young furs has a more sexualized feel to it. To put it bluntly, there is a lot of 'furry' pr0n out there. For the most part, BF/LFs tend to shy away from that aspect of the adult furry world and it leads to a very distinct dividing line. I would say being old enough has something to do with it, but it also relates to state-of-mind; as a youngfur, you want to be cuddled, hugged, other words, contact of a non-sexual nature. I hope that helps explain things...

    Again, sexual gratification is often the antithesis of being a BF/LF; quite the opposite, in fact. I gather this opinion from personal experience and outward observation. Usually, if you like padding, enjoy being furry, but want that more 'adult' aspect, you'd be a DF, rather than a BF/LF.

    From what you describe, I think you can call yourself a furry. They way you express an admiration for them, a unique connection, feeling like one yourself...tell-tale signs of a furry. This is simply my opinion and you don't have to take my word for it, but such characteristics point directly to having the heart and soul of a youngfur.

    And yes, I would say that chewing has something to do with it, although teething is common amongst humans, as well.

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    Thanks so much fo all your input. I will definitely be looking more into this side of me and appreciate your insight...this website is amazing. I feel so accepted and never knew that how I felt was shared by so many

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    No problem! ^^ I'm glad to help!

    I know I was in your situation once upon a time and other BF/LFs were there to guide me! We're all in this together, after all!

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    I love cute being a baby fur love cuddles toys yes i,m a fursuiter too.I love the art and the fun times being little.
    I love animals we get along better then every one out there.Not into the sex thing this kit to young for that.There is some dl but not much of that.I love fox's .but every one is defrent.

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