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Thread: Adult diapers?

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    Question Adult diapers?

    Im turning 18 soon, and although I love wearing baby diapers, and things like that I want to try and Adult diaper to see if they'll fit me a little better.

    Any suggestions on a plain, preferrably taped diaper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethanu View Post
    Im turning 18 soon
    You're aware your age is listed as 19, right?

    If you want to try a taped diapers, B4NS is EVENTUALLY going to get Bambinos in, they say. The Biancos would be plain. Molicares and Abenas are your other top-quality choices at B4NS, although the Molicares are purple. If you're small enough to fit in baby diapers, I'd recommend the Molicares. Small Abenas hold only a little more than half what a medium Abena does, so it's not nearly as good as reviews make it seem unless you can fit in medium or bigger. Biancos are listed as needing a minimum of 34" waist, so I doubt they'd fit anyone that can use a baby diaper. That leaves just the Molicares, but they're not plain white.

    If you want store-bought, you could get Tena, or Depends Max Protection. I've looked for Tena in smalls and haven't found any in stores, so since you can fit in baby diapers, I'd say you'd probably need to get Depends in small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephy View Post
    You're aware your age is listed as 19, right?
    Eeyup, I've already opened a claim for it to be changed. Moo said it was fixed but I guess not?

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    Go for abena airplus if want to stick to cloth backed diapers, or try regular abena. I would recomend getting sample packs if you can find them, but being that you are in canada I'm not sure where that might be. Maybe google it. XPmedical is where I have bought sample packs in the past, but i'm not sure if they post to canada.

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