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Thread: Successful AB/DL couples?

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    Default Successful AB/DL couples?

    Hey guys. Here's one for you older *bdls out there: are you/have you ever been involved in a successful relationship with another *bdl? How does it work, and do diapers and similar things help strengthen the relationship? I'm not looking for smut stories here, rather I am curious to find out about successful abdl couples, and what that entails. Thanks!

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    Hmm, I'm an Ab/dl , but my girlfriend is not. So, I guess I don't exactly fit into the group that your question is aimed at. But, I have been in a successful relatonship with a girl whom has known about my fetish since before we started dating. I would call that a success, as we have been dating for almost 2 years now and have done essentially everything I have ever wanted to do with this fetish. It has even grown on her to the point where she has dreams about things she'd like to do within this fetish.

    Not exactly what you were asking, but I just felt like I'd like to contribute my story.


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    Me and my (almost) fiancÚ are both AB/DL, and we've been together successfully for over 2 years now. I think it's just a common interest really, one of many things we do together and alone. However, we're long distance, so it's always tough to get the balance of AB/DL and "normal" fun - but I think getting/giving the childlike love from Mummy/Daddy helps strengthen our love!

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    Both Myself and my Partner (Look up Aussiebuoy, He's on the site somewhere) are AB/DLs.

    For us, Diapers and other baby related things don't really play a factor in our relationship. For me, it's just something that we have in common, and that we can talk about openly. We have a big AB/DL "Stash" that we keep in our closet, and that either of us can use freely. We will openly wear around each other, but we rarely ever baby each other. Thats probably just us being weird though X3.

    do diapers and similar things help strengthen the relationship?
    I wouldn't say the diapers and the regression side of it strengthens us, but the fact that we're two people that have a weird interest, that we can openly discuss and engage in freely definitely makes a stronger bond between us.

    Thats just us though, we're odd! :P

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    Ah, I know of two from Sila and Bobby. They've been going on strong for a long, long time.

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    My husband and I have a great mutual AB/DL relationship full of sharing and understanding but it didn't used to be that way. I was in denial and while excepting, there were times when I felt embarrassed and didn't want to be around it. He wasn't willing to give me what I wanted in that area of the relationship but expecting me to end over backwards to give him everything he wanted in that area. If I wasn't in the mood, instead of him respecting that he told me I was holding him back and he would proceed to look elsewhere for his needs to be satisfied ie porn, talking to other girls, stating his relationship was on the rocks, and essentially cheating through the Internet. As I was going through my own journey of realization he was getting his kicks behind my back. When I had worked through my issues and started finally realizing my true love for AB/DL I started participating whole heartedly with him ( now mind you I had been participating on and off in different degrees with him for 4 years) I was planning on having a heart to heart letting him know the true me so to speak, when I discovered that he had been cheating on me. Needless to say he was deviated when he heard of my true love for all things has taken two years for us to work things out and to be at the level we are now including a lot of tears but I feel we are on the road to being closer than we have ever been.

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    Mr. X and I are both ABDLs, he being a 24/7 wearing DL and me being about a 40/60 split between AB and DL. We've been together over three years now. For us, the diapers are just one of many facets of the relationship, and I'd say it's far from a primary one. There are always diapers in the house, as well as onesies and all sorts of other stuff. Without getting into the details, it certainly comes up as something we do, and it's certainly something that helps our relationship. It's something that we can talk about, joke about, and share good times over. We have a number of mutual ABDL friends, and we've been to events and stuff. I suppose a good way to phrase it is that both of us being ABDLs opens a number of possibilities for events, activities, and other stuff in our relationship.

    But like I said, in the day-to-day scheme of things, it's far from primary. When we're on our way home (since we ride together to work/school these days) and we're talking about our day, we're not talking about diapers or whatever. He'll talk about whatever interesting conversation or work thing happened, and I'll talk about some interesting thing from class or whatever other thing. When we get home, we're not racing upstairs to diaper each other or whatever, and we don't spend our average evenings lounging about the house in nothing but diapers.

    Like I said, it's something that helps our relationship, since it's something we have in common. But, if we weren't compatible as a couple, in terms of activities and hobbies and personalities and stuff in common and whatnot, the ABDL thing would not magically make our relationship go. We're primarily a couple, and the ABDL thing, since we both are, can be in the background and in balance rather than boiling over as some unresolved issue.

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    I'm going out with someone who isn't ABDL but is accepting of my desires and parttakes sometimes. I wish it was an ABDL relationship at times cause I always have this weird feeling like they'll think I'm ignoring them for diapers. Id like to wear daily or every 2nd day at least but I find myself ignoring the urges a lot :P

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    I am and ABDL, but my wife is a roleplayer of a slightly older kid (3 or 4 year old), who is toilet trained but drinks from a sippy cup (at night), loves plushies, and occasionally colors in a coloring book. I have to "daddy" her sometimes. I only very recently shown an interest in exploring my AB side, outside of my imagination and probably ok without being "mommied" for now. I am predominantly DL. As far as me and my wife in bed:
    We work things out . We love each other.

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    My boyfriend got me into the AB/DL thing. I think it brought us closer together. It isn't something we do every day,but we do dedicate certain days to just being diapered and being together. We occasionally do Mommy days and Daddy days,but we both find it more satsifying to both be little kids.

    We've been dating for going on 3 years (in may),but we've been doing this for possibly a little less than a year. It started with me solely babying my boyfriend and first just doing diapers (no changing) but it slowly went from changing wet diapers,buying pacis and bottles,and then onward. He got me curious about it and put me in a diaper.

    It really does help our relationship because it's very personal and acting like children adds a hint of innocence. It helps us bond at an even more personal level. We love each other and I feel we get to express it even more when we're in that special mood for diapers,pacis,and naptimes <3

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