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Thread: Times I Wished I Was Padded

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    Default Times I Wished I Was Padded

    This was before i started wearing diapers on a regular basis

    So about a year and a half ago me and the gf were going to look at a truck that i was gonna buy at a stealership. I pulled in and the second i parked my car my bladder said time to go NOW. Well i made it to the restroom and went to re-leave myself and only a little came out. I was so confused as to it felt like i was gonna explode in the parking lot. So i went to wash my hands and as i looked in the mirror i noticed my pants were soaked. I had no clue what to do or how to hide it when i go to leave the building. Quick thinking i was able to use the hand dryer thingy to dry my pants so the puddle on my pants wasn't that noticeable. So when i finally left the building i went straight for my car and just sat there dumb founded as to what just happened. Then my gf asked me what was wrong and i showed here the wet marks on my pants and she was like oh you had an accident and i was like yeah i guess so, she was like it's okay it happen's.!!!!

    The second time was when i woke up at like 430am and my stomach was making funny noise's and then i realized i felt mushy. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and realized that i messed myself in my sleep. Had to jump in the shower to clean myself off. I got lucky that the mess never made it on my bed or gf.

    Wish i was padded those time's

    How about you?

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    The occasion when I finally learned to accept I had to wear a diaper - Unexpected closure of a building leading to my having to take a emergency pee/dump simultaneously in some bushes - and not making it quite in time.

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    i havent bought any diapers yet so there are a lot of times for me. long 10 hour road trips that me and my family take every summer would be a great time to be diapered. more recently my young cousins, 1 and 3, and aunt and uncle were in town during christmas time and we went to go see the christmas tree in DC and i didnt go to the bathroom before i left. i already had to go badly when we were leaving DC to go home and right before we left, my aunt gave my cousins a diaper change and i was sooooo jealous lol. i wouldve taken one from the diaper her diaper bag and went cuz i was in the back and my cousins were in the midddle seats but my aunt kept the bag with her so dissapointed. there are a ton more but theres not enough time to tell them all

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    The place is typically at the movie theater, usually I need to pee right at the best spot in the movie, most of the times I go there well padded with at least a GoodNites on, but when I go with my family, sometimes I don't take the risk of diapering myself and I wish I would have done it.

    Also a nice place is when you go skiing in the mountains, much more easy to be padded there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CodyBaby View Post
    Also a nice place is when you go skiing in the mountains, much more easy to be padded there.

    i'm planning on buying a bag of bambinos and taking my whole 3-day ski trip this coming 20th padded all the way ^^

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    During a hiking trip in the rain forrest of Costa Rica. Too much fresh fruit juice up set my stomac. Had to cr*p in the bush. You bet I was scanning the dirt for nasties coming my way. lol

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