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    Hey there!

    Welcome to the forum :3

    It can be scary when you are new to a forum, you should tell us a little bit about yourself

    Here is a guide that you can follow to help you out:

    Aside from that, what are some of your favorite movies? and do you enjoy video games? If so what games are your favorite?

    On an interesting note, I just pre-ordered the PS Vita myself =)

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    To whoever flagged my comment as negative, if you watch South Park like the OP and myself do, then you would know the "derp" joke. I can see why somebody may see this a negative comment but in actual fact it was a short but friendly reply to the title of this post. If you watch this 30 second clip you'll see what I mean. Sorry if I've caused anyone offence. Derp De Derp ... - YouTube

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