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Thread: When did you recognize you were DL

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    Default When did you recognize you were DL

    There have been some posts lately in which people mention becoming DL when they were older or being in denial for years (see Babykk44

    A lot of the posters in these forums are TB/DL and seem to have known they were DL most all their life. I remember clearly trying to get diapers when I was certainly no older than 6, and playing at diapering myself with the washcloth in the shower throughout my childhood. But I never recognized that I was DL until I was in my 50s (maybe there should be a forum for creepy old guys). I started because I realized I could and when I did I realized that something inexplicable happened when I did. I'm most interested in the things about myself that I don't understand. I'm not even close to understanding this one at all.

    I'm still trying to understand a little better, but I'm not particularly conflicted about it. And sure as hell not interested in mining my extremely unhappy youth in search of "causes". I'm not AB, just fixated on wearing and using diapers.

    I'm wondering what the experience of the post-teen DL or AB has been. Did you carry your fetish through your younger years or did it emerge when you were older? If it did emerge later, do you recall experiences in your youth that foreshadowed your interest? Do you have circumstances that let you confirm that they are genuine recollections and not a result of self suggestion once you came out to yourself, so to speak?

    Anyway, it's been a rocky path over a number of years to get to the place where I realize that I just love this and that's OK. I'd be interested in hearing how you got to where you are with this, if you're willing to share.

    --Feed your beast, but don't let it eat you.

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    I'm a DL, but can't any diapers till I move out and live on my own. I started liking diapers about age 8. I didn't really notice that I liked them till age 11 and then at 13 becoming addicted to them. I want to buy them, but can't. I'm trying to work up the courage to tell my parents, do I can get some, but no matter how hard I try to open my mouth to say something no words never come out. I'm SLOWLY progressing. I don't think I can because I have judgemental parents and very gossipy. They'd tell everybody. It isn't the best years being a teen and being a DL. Better during adult. You get privacy and easier to keep secret. One of my first notices at age 11 was that when ever my period came that month I would put on my period pads and pretend it was a weird version of a diaper.

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    I think my first DL feelings came when I was still wearing nappies. While away at my grandparents' house my mum had put a terry nappy and plastic pants on me although I was maybe 5 or 6 and not normally in nappies, it was to save embarrassment and washing if an accident occurred at their house. While getting off to sleep, my hands under the bedcovers felt the smooth plastic covered bulge and just loved it somehow.

    Later I suffered great jealousy for many years as I had 5 younger brothers and sisters so I saw others in nappies constantly and there were always wet terries nappies on the toilet floor still inside the frosty clear plastic pants with all the characteristic smell! I even remember putting a pair of my closest little brothers placcy pants on my head once, I just wanted contact with them!

    First unofficial nappy wearing was probably when staying on my own at my other gran's house aged about 12 when I would wear a towel and poly bag.

    Throughout my teen years I would buy many of the largest baby pants I could find such as Sandra Toddler Size and Boots Brumas Extra Extra Large.

    I still thought I was alone but I did start to notice top shelf magazines for rubber etc in the newsagents with a ‘better’ selection.

    Later when at university at about age 20 I bought forum magazine and found out about adult babies etc.

    So I don’t know how to anwer your question as I had first feelings at about age 5 but didn’t know I was ABDL until about 20.

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    I always had an odd fascination with diapers and being babied. I remember to as early as possible that I would want to pretend to be sick in a game just so the others would coddle me. Of course they didn't like that idea very much... I loved the thought of having multiple layers around my.. um, area I guess, but didn't really make the true association until recently really. I kept a bottle until I was nearly 10 I think, hiding it most of the time, and not truly willing to admit I liked it out loud. I can remember thinking of how cruel everyone would get if they knew.. I didn't know what to call it, but I knew it would cause me to be made fun of... So I ignored it, then I started sucking my thumb during a massive down I was feeling and looked up 'pretending to be an infant', then I found this place. After that I felt much better about it all, and now I'm just waiting for the right moment to take this to a full level.. without my parents somehow finding me out...

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    I never knew about this community. I always thought for the most part I was a typical girl. I did do certain things that were weird sexually but just dismissed them/ didn't think about it much. When my husband introduced them I did get interested. I weaved in and out of liking them, going thru "what the heck is wrong with me/him" phases and other times completely engulfing myself in my desires. There were things that didn't add up though. If I was normal sexually why did I enjoy peeing so much? Why did I enjoy the feeling of bedwetting even though I was given such a terrible time for it? Why did I enjoy putting thick things in between my legs? There were things I didn't have answers to and even when the idea of diapers was brought to my attention it took quite awhile for things to click in my head. Im still searching myself to understand fully but at the end of the day I have realized that just being me and doing what I like is most important and sometimes the answers come, sometimes they don't. I know what feels good to me, just not always why...

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    Ok, ok... Somewhere between ages six and seven. Although I didn't think of myself as a "DL" until I was in college and became acquainted--though not involved with--the beginnings of the AB/DL community.

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    For me my first DL feelings was around 3 and onwards. I didn't know I was a DL because I hadn't heard of it. I just always wanted to wear them and use them. I got a chance a few times when I was 3 and I wore them until my mum took them away and again when I was 8 but kept them hidden. At 12 the pressure just kept on mounting up and I asked my mum a lot and she finally went out with me and bought some. Then at 13 I started buying myself.

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    I knew I liked them when I still wore them up until age 7. At which point mum got me to stop bed wetting with a pad and bell. I remember there was one nappy left in my wardrobe which I used and hid under my bed, but mum found it and had a stern talking to me. After that I would day dream about wearing them all the time but I didn't actually wear again until I was about 12 and my brother was still wetting the bed. I would take one of my brothers nappies and wear it at night and throw it away the next day.

    I also remember that it messed with my emotions a bit. I would wonder if when I was older I would look back and be ashamed for wanting to wear nappies when I was a kid. I wore on and off until my brother stopped bedwetting then at 17 on a whim I googled "diaper fetish". I found daily diapers and when I was 18 I joined the forum, but I didn't find it very welcoming. A couple of months before I turned 19 I bought some diapers, and I've been wearing fairly regularly since. I found ADISC when I was 19 and with the community here I have come to accept myself and my desires.

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