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Thread: AB/DL Game: Weston Academy

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    Default AB/DL Game: Weston Academy

    Yes, yes, I know, there's another thread for it, but I'd rather start a new one, since I'm discussing it at a different angle.

    The game can be found at: FTT Current Update
    The exact DL link is:

    My Latest Release:

    Ah, but the reason I'm making this post isn't just to tell people about it. The game's unfinished, along with several other games on the first link I provided. As such, I'd like to finish them, but the problem is, (and yes, I know it sounds harsh) Whenever I'm creating a storyline/game/RP/etc on my own, all my own ideas, I feel like it's never good enough, that it always plays out awkwardly.

    So, what I'm asking for is: Ideas.

    I can't have one on one immediate relay with everyone, but I would be able to post incremental updates, get feedback, and so on, hopefully through this thread. So, if anyones interested, please play through what's available at that link, and post what you think should be fixed (including spelling and grammar errors).

    List of issues I already know about:
    - Not having a diaper on the second (maybe it's first?) night causes a hang and the screen remains black
    - The player's avatar randomly speeds up and doesn't slow down
    - The player can't continue on a quest given to them. (They can't enter the area they need) -This one, though, is because that's where the game's code ends.
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    I played the first day then I got the bug you mentioned about the screen blacking out on the second day.

    My first impression was good, I thought the conversations were well written and interesting. The art is awesome, great scenery. The whole feel of the game was fun. The first day was interesting and kinda drew me in, questioning what's really going on at the school. I see a lot of potential in this game.
    One problem I came across was while installing it all the letters were replaced with question marks. Then wouldn't start the game. But finding the game in my folders then opening it worked fine. But ya, I liked it a lot and I am definitely going to play more soon.

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    To get to the second day, you have to make your way into have a diaper; pullups don't count. When asked about bedwetting before the nap on the first day (the one from 1:30 to 3:00), either say you do so often, or here and there, and you should get the option to get a diaper.

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    Ok I played through again and got the diapers and everything. I decided to help candice spike the drink and when I tried to go to the dining hall I could not enter the area where the chapal and dining hall was. Anyway I think the game bugged and it was stuck so I couldn't go anywhere. Plus there were 2 evelins, one to the right by the houses and one to the left by the school.
    Fun game though! Do you have any updates or anything planned?

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    Wazzle, I'm on the IRC if you'd like to talk more real time. And yes, I'm in the process of editing the game. I've already changed it so that you can have a pullup or underwear and get past the first night.

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    When's the mac version coming?

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    Uhm...Jeez. This is kinda embarrassing but I can't work out how to make the 'rungame' thing work? I try extracting all the files, but I can't find an '.exe' file? Loading the 'setup' file from the Weston Academy download results in a few typical 'install' screens...with the text replaced by random ?????????s and glitchy text. It stops partway through, anyway. Can anyone help me? :S

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    I can't do a mac version because the program isn't designed to run on mac, try wine or bootcamp.

    I'm putting up a link to an extractable winrar file, so that you can skip the install process.

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    Another person working on the game! I got permission directly from C.S fox so I've been working on it too. If you need Ideas feel free to P.M me.

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    you may think that soubds harsh but that is how GOOD shit is made by critizing your work, you think Justin Beiber is harah about his work? so be harsh, be as harsh as you can.

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