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    I am just feeling down. Have been talking with a theapist and a lot of things about my life now and way back when have come up. My wife has not shared any of my diaper interests in 10 years, and that is never, never going to change. I love her, I love our two sons. But this is hard. I have spent my whole life feeling alone. Now I feel that way in my marriage. I have even had thoughts of.....well not good thoughts. I love my boys so much, I still love my wife. I just feel alone. It's nice to have a place like ADISC to visit, it's like having friends who understand. Thanks

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    You aren't alone. It is just your family who doesn't wear diapers. There are plenty of other people who wear diapers but you might not notice some people wearing them or some just does it in their own house and don't tell anyone. You are never going to be alone on wearing diapers. :-)

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    I suspect that there are a lot of us in similar circumstances, which doesn't mean we're not all alone where we are. My wife and I have a relationship based on other dimensions. I can't see her enjoying this, even vicariously through me. Besides, risk of exposure seems to be part of the rush for me; I'm not at all sure approval would be a good thing.

    Perseverence furthers; stay with us. There's a lot of comfort and joy in diapers. Get it where you can.

    --Feed your beast, but don't let it eat you.

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    Hi Scotth
    As mentioned by other friends here, you are certainly not alone, and should never think like that.

    There are men across the planet in the same situation as you. Women in the same position too, not able to fulfill their desires, even with the closest ones in their lives. I think most of us have been there. As with aspects of life, some people like some things, and dislike other things. It is a shame that she will not play along occasionally, for your enjoyment, but one must respect her reasons for not being comfortable with that.

    All I would say is - please do not let something like diapers ruin your relationship, and family. They truly are not worth it. It sounds like you have a near perfect setup at home, and please keep that your number 1 focus.

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    Scotth, it sounds like your problems in your marriage are deeper than just diaper issues. Feeling alone in a marriage is an indication that communication has broken down on many levels and this needs to be seriously explored. People grow apart sometimes. As we get older we discover more about who we truly are. Sometimes who we truly are is so different than where we started out that it becomes almost impossible to make the relationship work. You two may need some professional help and this only works when both parties are equally willing to work hard on the relationship. I hope for your sake that things work out, as ending a relationship is never easy. However, if for some reason it doesn't, it's just as important to realize that it won't kill you and the final outcome can sometimes be better than living in misery with a sense of aloneness. If your only reason for staying in the relationship is the kids, there are 'good enough' outcomes to separating that can still give you a rich and meaningful relationship with your children.

    I feel for you dude. All the best as you journey this...
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