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Thread: Looking for Advice on Maryland

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    Default Looking for Advice on Maryland

    I am having medical issues here in Illinois and we are possibly going to maryland, dc area for some testing and see if i cant get in a study... So anyone from that area on here?? im not saying we have to meet up i just want advice on good place to eat or good places to stay. And then the big QUESTION!! On this trip should i wear diapers and bring a few with me if i dont have any for bedwetting by then?? btw my parents know about the bedwetting.

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    You should do that anyway, if you're concerned about local care and your parents already know how you deal with the problem.

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    Ok i guess i wasnt to clear... My advice i want is good spots to stay at and eat at... we are going to maryland in the coming weeks.

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    Having been away from living in Maryland for over a decade now, I have a fairly decent experience living and visiting different places in the state. First thing that comes to mind is on where you would want to stay/live in. It's generally best to live close to the study centers. Do you know where they are? If so, mention them here.

    I grew up in Frederick for 10 years, through my teenage years. Visited the area last in November 2010.

    As for the diapers while traveling thing: it's all up to you. If you feel safer/happier wearing on the way down to Maryland, more power to you. It's your choice. Make sure your mom is accepting of it even if she knows about the bedwetting, as you're 16 (still a minor). There are no shortages of places to buy diapers down in Maryland if the need to buy more arise.

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