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Thread: Being bad :)

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    Default Being bad :)

    So today I indulged my adult toddler side and my girlfriend at the same time by wearing a diaper last night and continuing it into today when we went out. I wet myself silly but I had never really messed. The first attempt at messing didn't work as I didn't have to go but she had rooted me on none the less. Tonight I had to make #2 but didn't want to deal with the mess even though we're home now. She shrugged it off much the same as I.because she's tired and deeply involved with her Sims at the moment while I chill on the futon with my binky. Now I was very comfy, diaper and teeshirt only and laying down. So.I decided why not now I'm currently waiting in very wet and messy diaper noticed > I expect some thorough chastising lol wish me luck... She can be a strict nanny when it calls for lol

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    Is there an emoticon for "Deer caught in the Headlight"?

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    I'm sorry... I just thought we were supposed to share when we did ... stuff. :/ I can delete it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TraumaChick View Post
    I'm sorry... I just thought we were supposed to share when we did ... stuff. :/ I can delete it.
    Nothing wrong with it ^_^

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    Thanks for sharing it. Having someone who is committed to you and your preferences has got to be great. And go for the #2, there's nothing like it. Of course it brings on a whole new dimension of things, even if only being badness.
    Let us know how it all turned out.

    --Feed your beast, but don't let it eat you.

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    :3 thanks. She is... amazing. Not only on the DL/AB front, but just in general. We fly her freak flag and mine regularly, very give-give, and I think that's what makes the difference.

    I did go for it xD I had a lot of fun. I squished around, as I've read many do, and found it to be quite enjoyable all around. I did get put in a corner for being bad and got a stern word for throwing my binky :/ but really, the only downside was cleaning up lol. THAT took forever *sigh* but none the less... it'll probably happen again at some point.


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    Thanks for sharing TraumaChick. I love reading personal stories like that. Please feel free to share more.

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    That is a lovely story, thanks for sharing it!

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    Awwww! That's so cute! And that sounds like uber fun! I need to find a girl like that.

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