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Thread: Planning on telling some friends that I like footie pajamas

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    Default Planning on telling some friends that I like footie pajamas

    Hello all,

    So for a class on speculative fiction that I have, we have to watch movies in this little converted house that is now used fo revising papers and a general tech lab. We watch the films together, but not as part of the class, more of an out-of-class assignment. I was thinking as something comfortable to do, to wear my footie pajamas under a tracksuit and tel them that I lost a bet and had to wear them that night, and laugh at it, and eventually state that, if no one cared, I would wear them subsequently to these things as well. They're pretty informal; people bring drinks and chips and its more of a party.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Is this a good idea or would it backfire? We're a pretty mature bunch so I doubt it'd be like high school.

    I won't be padded, though.

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    Depending on how cold it is up there, most rational people would be jealous of you owning a pair. Anyways footed sleepers aren't just for babies and toddlers. They've been made for kids, teens and adults for well over a few years. Plus even the infanitle one's look way better then the stupid snuggies do.

    However wearing PJ's outside of your own home or bedroom where your a guest at. You can easily be seen as a douchebag. And I totally view people that way, who do that. After all, this isn't your home and your just watching movies with friend's/classmates to pass the time.

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    I know. That's why I'm going to ask them if they mind. Some of them do wear lounge pants/pajamas, though. I didn't scrutinize but that's what it looked like.
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    Asking sounds like a good idea. It may be that a number of your fellow students might like to mellow back. If not, well at least you'll know and you won't break what ever social norms seem to be prevailing.

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    I agree that you should ask, prior to just showing them off. It just seems like the courteous thing to do.

    Also, I have this funny story to add. It happened to me just a few days ago. I had posted a status on facebook about feety pajamas looking cool. Then a few days later, my girlfriend told me that while she was at school; a friend of mine walked up to her and asked her if I had feety pajamas. She told him to ask me about it. On Friday, I was getting ready to go drinking with a few buddies of mine, as soon as I walked through the door he was there. He asked me if I had them, right there in front of all of my other friends. They looked at me, and I said "Yes, I do.". He then asked where I got them and I made up some excuse about forgetting where I bought them from. :P

    It was a weird experience.


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    Ron that is a funny story. I like making other people jealous of my footy pajamas. I am pretty open about wearing my jammies around yhe house and roommates but what the op is suggesting would be a bit too far for me. I know I like people to see me wearing them only around bedtime or early in the morning.

    if you really want to wear your footy pajamas to this movie thing then test the waters on the first night. Don't wear pajamas and be a bit uncomfortable then call for every one to wear pajamas the next movie night to be more comfortable. if you convince everyone so then you wont stand out.

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    I'll have them under my tracksuit so they won't be obvious. IF they think its cool I'll shed it. I don't plan on making anyone uncomfortable, but thanks for the suggestion.

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    I have a pair of footie pj's and some of my friends have seen me in them and they don't mind and I think that they want them too. I just tell them that they are comfortable and keeps me warm. But, they also don't know that I am wearing a diaper with cloth backing underneath.

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    Wear them around your dorm room or common area if you feel the need to wear in public. But don't take your pajamas to another location under street clothes and make up a lie. Use your noodle, you're in college now!

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