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Thread: Cloth diaper question

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    Default Cloth diaper question

    If you had a cloth diaper but couldn't wash it in the washing machine, theoretically could you just take it in the shower with you and rinse it out each time you use it? Would be so easy then, a reusable diaper with nothing to throw out or hide really.

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    Theoretically, but you'd need to wash it really well, and you'd still need somewhere to put it to dry.

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    It would help if you had a blow dryer. You could always dry it with that.

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    Don't think that would work so well...cloth diapers need to be thoroughly cleaned to be sanitary.

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    Used to do that all the time. Id spread my night diapers out on the shower floor, stand on them and take a long hot shower. Afterwards Id hang them on the rod to dry. Worked for me.

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    I've also washed cloth diapers in the shower, or actually in the tub. I'm not impressed by the fastidiousness about sanitariness of cloth diapers. On the other hand, one does want to get them reaonably clean. The bath tub is at least as good as a wash tub. Doing them while showering, though, doesn't sound promising. Face it, they're going to be hanging around for a while; drying takes a good deal of time. You're going to have to have a pretty discrete bathroom.

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    Cloth's are a bad choice unless you have the facilities to wash and dry them properly, access to a wash machine is a must have. Even there, on a personal note I would not wash diapers with anything else to make up the wash load. Realistically I would only recommend cloth under those circumstances if, you were only to wear and not use them. I'd take that a step further by saying that if you are talking about intermittent use and / or messing, you should stick with disposables.

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    I wear cloth and I wash them out in the shower. I then hang them up to dry in the far reaches of the basement. Once dry, they are stiff and have the faint odor of pee. When I have a number of them, I wash them in the washer, once on the shorter cycle, and then on the long, cotton cycle. Cloth diapers really need to be washed well.

    Because they are thick, it takes two cycles in the long, cotton cycle of the drier. So to answer your question, just washing them in the shower would not be enough.

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    Yeah, what dogboy said. Especially if you are talking prefolds, all-in-ones, or another type with many layers of fabric. I have a fairly high-tech dryer, and I have to set it for a full hour in order to get my prefolds dry. Even the toddler prefolds I use for doublers take about that long. That's a lot of heat! A hair dryer would take... I can't even imagine! Flat diapers, which are only a couple of layers of fabric tops, will be much easier to wash thoroughly by hand and should dry easily on a line. They're definitely the "adventurer's choice" for the uninitiated, however (IMO).

    In short: You'll want ready access to the family washer and dryer. You'll be miserable otherwise, I'm quite convinced.

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    I have used cloth and would not recommend this. Even the washing machine doesn't always get everything out and it will do a better job then the shower can. Smell will build up in them, as well as bacteria and ammonia. The latter will really annoy your skin. Would it be possible to rinse them well and then keep them soaking until you can get to the laundromat? I wouldn't be concerned about people seeing your diapers in a place like that. Most people wouldn't even recognize them and if you're really embarrassed, you can always make up a story in your head, like, "I'm doing this for my incontinent father" and share that story if someone looks at you weird and you feel the need to explain.

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