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Thread: Those Starter Kit things.

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    Question Those Starter Kit things.

    Okay, so I've seen sites that advertise "Free baby stater kit" or "Free Toddler starter kit."

    Now, I mean looking into them; they're legit. You get like, a little thing of lotion and some snacks but...

    The problem is I live in Canada, and it seems all these offers are for the states.

    Does anyone know of any in Canada?

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    They are... The downside is that you end up on the company's mailing list and will be spammed for eternity

    The people who lived in our flat before us are on a pampers mailing list and we regularly still get mailings (even though we send most of it back). I did once swipe a pampers baby dry size 5 out of one of the packages they got though .

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