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  • Obama

    68 55.28%
  • Romney

    13 10.57%
  • Gingrich

    2 1.63%
  • Santorum

    6 4.88%
  • Paul

    34 27.64%
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Thread: New U.S. President

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    Default New U.S. President

    Who would make the best president?

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    I think Obama. I know that his four past years haven't been the most shining in our nation's history, but then again, he's dealing with a Congress that refuses to pass anything.

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    President Obama, hands down! Intelligent, Articulate, concerned for the American wage earner. A demonstrated world leader and supporter of long-term, sustainable policies to preserve and nurture the American Dream for the middle class. Consistently demonstrates leadership that promotes policies that enhance the economy in the long term with a minimal impact on the environment.

    I am concerned about the age and the mindset of the 2012 Republican U.S. Presidential hopefuls. Age and mental capacity should be of great concern to us.

    If you remember Ronald Regan as U.S. President, you will have to concede that he suffered from a case of significant rapid and progressive dementia (Alzheimer's) throughout the duration of his presidency.

    President Barack Obama is 14 to 26 years younger than any of the current presidential nominees that have any possiblity to win the Republican nomination.

    Disclaimer: I probably should NOT have included Ron Paul as I believe his run for the Presidency was more an ideological and policy influencing maneuver, as well as a way to assure name recognition for his (bat-shit crazy IMHO) son, freshman U.S. Senator Rand Paul.

    U.S. Senator Newt Gingrich

    Born: Newton Leroy Gingrich on Thursday June 17th, 1943

    • Newt Gingrich is 68 years old.

    U.S. President Barack Obama

    Born: Barack Hussein Obama on Friday August 4th, 1961

    • Barack Obama is 50 years old.

    U.S. Senator Ron Paul

    Born: Ronald Ernest Paul on Tuesday August 20th, 1935

    • Ron Paul is 76 years old.

    Mr. Mitt Romney

    • Born: Willard Mitt Romney on Wednesday March 12th, 1947

    • Mitt Romney is 64 years old.
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    I picked Obama, but really, this comes down to picking which massive pile of shit you'd rather have sitting on your dining room table. I chose the least smelly.

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    Honestly anyone but Obama, he's botched basically every foreign policy situation and has spent more money each year in office than bush did over an entire term (keep in mind until now Bush had spent more money than any other president). that said I still haven't had the time to sit down and properly examine the other candidates, therefore for now I'm voting Romney because he has the lead (and therefore the greatest chance of knocking out Obama) Anyway I live in Chicago which means I have to register Democrat or risk losing garbage pick up.(Not really but getting permits and stuff becomes harder...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFox View Post
    I think we already have a thread on this topic.
    Yes, we do. But then again, that one doesn't have a poll that allows people to easily see the public opinion without going through 30 pages of posts.
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    Butterfly Mage


    This should have been a slam-dunk for the GOP. However, the party elite chose to listen to the Dominionists instead of mainstream America. We want a better economy, not theocracy.

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    Of the options listed, I would go with President Obama. However I'm still waiting to see who the two major third parties will put up on the ballot before deciding who I want to vote for. Though I'm doubtful they will put up anyone I really like; the Libertarians have been putting up "fake libertarians" lately (basically take libertarian economic views, combined with conservative social views, and you have the recent string of Libertarian candidates), and the Greens tend to be too left for me.

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    so far I think...

    1. Paul
    2. Obama
    3. Santorum
    4. Romney
    5. Newt

    I'll likely be voting for Obama in the general election. Not that it matters since I live in California, the land of the democrat always gets the vote. I would however like to see biden go, but if that happened I assume we'd have Hillary as VP.

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