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Thread: New and a little hesitant...

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    Default New and a little hesitant...

    Hi all. Just wanted to throw myself out there...

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    Welcome citizen from Utah. Wow, that's the second 2010 account starter to make an intro post in 2012 in the space of a few minutes. Freaky time coincidence.

    So, expand on your intro a bit. What do you do, what do you like? An episode of Doctor Who was filmed in Utah, did you get to meet Matt Smith?

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    Don't be nervous or hesitant! We don't bite (for the most part), I swear! <3

    NateSean's got the right idea - Tell us a bit about yourself! You make lots of friends when you find people with common interests. :3

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    Welcome friend don't worry about being nervous lots of people feel nervous joining, I know that I did. Everybody on this site is very friendly, and I'm sure you will make plenty of friends. The everybody is very helpful and I have to thank a lot of people on this site for helping me accept myself and understand myself further. In short you will have tons of fun and you can be yourself, so get out there and have a blast! -high five-

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    Hi Nbond!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Just curious, what do you like best about ADISC so far?

    =) And did you get a chance to see the superbowl?

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