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Thread: noisy store brand diapers

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    Default noisy store brand diapers

    i know all plastic backed diapers have been discontinued but does anyone know the noisiest store brand diaper there is?

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    Not all... My Depends max protection (green package with orange stripe) are plastic backed.

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    what store sells theese sorry if i didn't make it specific enough i can't buy online only from stores

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    well you should be able to buy depends breifs at any good pharmasy and i have herd you can get them at wallmart but i dont live in america but plastic backed diapers seem to be the noisest compaired to cloth

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    Every wallmart that is near me (all 3 of them) sell depends max, but some of them only carry the larger size. Most of the walgreens and other pharmacies also sell them.

    Plastic backed diapers are more common than not in adult diapers, I would even say the majority of adult diapers are plastic. Store brands seem to be cloth backed as are all pull ups, but in the grand scheme of adult diapers plastic is king.

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    I just saw this, sorry, I only get mine at CVS but I imagine if they carry it then walgreens will also. My Target's don't but walmart does but mine only carry the s/m which I'm like... Two inches too big for x( lol

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    I agree Depends Max with the 6 tabs if you can find them.

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