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Thread: Spoiled my little girl!!

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    Default Spoiled my little girl!!

    soooooo every month I do the exact same thing, I get paid the 3rd sit down pay all my bills, plan out my monthly needs (bathroom/health food items), hit the liquor store for the month, then what/if anything left goes towards my ab/dl side (diapers/toys).

    Well this month I said NO!!! and took my LG/Sissy side shopping!! got her a brand new coloring book, a new 120 set of crayons, all the old ones where broke in the move , a new Playtex Drop in bottle & liners which are GREAT!! a new blankie Vikings of course & last but not least a brand new paci!!!!

    So the bills are all paid, my liquor/beer money was cut in half, the new HDD i need for my laptop will have to wait til next month BUT i'm a happy camper!!!

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    So how about everyone else? Do you ever just spoil self???

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    Sadly I don't do it often, 'cause of... mom.
    Anyways gratz, have lotsa fun drawing!!

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    I haven't really had the opportunity to spoil myself lately. Living with the parental units will do that though. They were in cuba for a week and I had no work on the weekend so I guess I spoiled myself by wearing padding for the whole weekend and a large portion of the week when I wasn't working.

    As for buying myself baby items? There isn't much there because I have no real method of getting them without risking being caught by my parents. I am applying for my own credit card soon and hopefully, depending on how much I make next month, will be getting myself a PO box so i can get anything I don't want my parents seeing sent there.

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    Alas, I have neither money for my liquor cabinet nor my diaper cabinet -.- But at least I have a roof over my head. I usually buy ABDL things a few times a year, where spoiling myself means getting a new bottle of powder

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    Every now and again I spoil my LG side and buy dresses, toys, pink things and sparkly glittery things, I love it.

    Most recently I got my LG these things:
    2 My Little Pony Books
    Toy horse - found at a flea market, back when I was really a child I loved toy horses, he's a 1960's/70's Marx horse

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    I just bought some dresses that should come in soon. But I do want a My little pony plushie.

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    I admit sometimes I spoil my little boy side with a new Hot Wheel or Matchbox car for my collection of toy cars that I've amassed in the past few years. I don't do it often because I have to be careful as I'm on a fixed income myself. After bills and rent it's tough sometimes but you do have to spoil yourself yeah.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    I just bought some dresses that should come in soon. But I do want a My little pony plushie.
    Oh cool! I almost got a plushie yesterday BUT I only got what i could carry in my bag. Been looking at new dresses online but waiting til I shed a few more pounds so what i get will last and not be to big in a few weeks/months.

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    I put money aside into a spare account for my ABDL (or other fun) purchases. For the most part if I want something related to my adult baby side it had to come out of that account. If there isn't enough money in the account it doesn't get bought until there is

    I have had a few lil shopping sprees though

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    Nope, because my Daddy does it for me!

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