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Thread: For all the Muse fans

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    Default For all the Muse fans

    Hey guys, I'm a muse fan. I've listened to every single song they made and I still lov'em, so I made this kinetic typography movie. I didn't finish it because I already put in five hours of work and I was too tired to keep going.

    This is my first time EVER I made something like this so don't be too rough.

    Now as they say sharing is caring! So I share.

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    Muse is awesome, and so is this song. =D

    The typography stuff looks kind of cool, but yeah, it's probably a lot of work to make a complete song this way. I think you'll know this already, but an interesting example:

    "Weird Al" Yankovic - Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me - YouTube

    But that's an official video, so not really a good comparison. x3

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    I don't wanna know how long he worked on thet I can't imagine at least a day. IF you're with more than one person and have a good PC

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